RUL Challenges – 5/19/14

By popular demand, the Challenges have been pulled forward a week, with the promise of some delectably devious challenges for you all!

But before we get into that, here are the answers to last week’s quiz!

Section 1

#1: The catchphrase “My Body is Ready”, originated from who, and how did it come about?

A: Reggie Fils-Aime said this when demonstrating the Wii Fit board at E3 2007.

#2: The motion-control device for the Xbox consoles, “Kinect”, was originally codenamed what?

A: Project Natal.

#3:  Who was the mastermind of the SPARTAN-III program, and where were the SPARTAN-III’s trained?

A: Col. James Ackerson, Camp Currahee.

#4: What is the best selling video game of all time? (By units sold)

A: Tetris.

#5: Which mission, in which 2009 FPS game, was considered extremely controversial due to it’s violent nature?

A: “No Russian”, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Section 2


The pot pictured contains 97 sweets. I have it on good authority that they were indeed delicious.

Congratulations to Foundation Afro, who was closest with 101, and both Splice & Liz_ Fenix with 117!

After that game-changer, the leaderboard has been jumbled around a fair bit! Here are the current standings:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Liz_Fenix 14
#1 Splice 14
#2 Ye Olde Apple 13
#3 Velociraptor 12
#4 Foundation Afro 8
#5 iForge 3
#5 SNSnytheticWolf 3
#6 Demon 2
#6 Guitarguy47 2

Now, onto the new challenges…



Story Time!

Write a short story set in the fiction of a video game of your choice. Of course, the more well-known the game is to RUL, the better – but the ball is in your court! You may submit as many stories as you like.

These will be judged by our Creative Manager, Drax. The best 3 will receive a bonus point each!

[Please put your stories in [SPOILERPIC] tags to keep the thread replies organised]

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 8

Complete Mission 8 “Midnight” of Halo 4’s campaign, on Legendary, with all skulls on. (Blind is optional, co-op allowed with as many players as you like)

1 bonus point goes to anyone who completes this solo, with an additional bonus point to the person who completes it on solo in the shortest amount of time!


After hearing cries of agony over the difficulty of this challenge, I’m changing the points structure slightly.

All who complete the challenge will receive 1 challenge point.

All who complete the challenge solo, with Iron off, will receive 2 challenge points total.

All who complete the challenge solo, with Iron on, will receive a whopping 5 challenge points total.

All previous point structuring is now null and void.

Good luck!

[Recommended Evidence: Halo 4 Stats link/screenshot]

Gamerscore Addict

Get as much Gamerscore as you possibly can between the release of this challenge post and the next one, in 2 weeks’ time.

Everyone who gains more than 80G will receive one challenge point. The member who gains the most Gamerscore within this period will receive a bonus point!

[Recommended Evidence: Total up your Gamerscore when you wish to submit your final total, as well as providing images showing these completed challenges with the date included]


Hopefully these bonus points, and new types of challenges are more interesting and fun than past ones. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

Head here for the rules & guidelines.

Good luck, folks!