RUL Community Update – Recap & Minecraft

I really need to come up with some sort of exciting and energy generating way to great you guys when I write up these posts, but for now I suppose my rambling is going to have to suffice for now. During the past week I have no doubt that you’ve noticed a bunch of changes on the website, but in case you haven’t been around or you haven’t been paying attention I’m going to detail them below for a reference point

Anthrax was promoted from Community Staff to Social Media Coordinator. Anthrax has been a key player in helping to guide our social media to new, and grander heights. You’ll find that our twitter and facebook will only become more and more interactive as time goes by! So like Jessica said last week, tweet us, comment on facebook or DM us! We’ll be sure to reply.

Scribbles became our new Just One RULe Artist and released his very first comic. You can view it here. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m excited to see what Scribbles has in store for us in the future.

You may have noticed that we no longer have anyone in the moderator position on the site. This is because from this point forward we will have no one who actively holds the title of moderator. Moderatorship is now a secondary set of permissions given to certain staff members. Their word is to be respected as if their name was a shade of orange. (To answer an additional question of what happened to our moderators? Killer has become a content producer, he still retains his moderator powers. Dark has become a super moderator. We look forward to his guidance in helping to lead the moderation team on the site.)

Awards! We’ve done a graphic re-haul on our awards, you’ll notice that they’re now designed in the flat modern style. We’ve also removed a few of the older less relevant awards and introduced eight new awards for you to work towards. The eight new awards are as follows:

Minolta Award
Given by Minolta

RUL Challenger
You won a season of RUL Challenges

Secret Award! Good luck!

Secret Award! Good luck!

You Referred a member to the site!

RUL Night
You Attended an RUL Night

1 Year Old
You’ve been an RULer for a year!

5 year old
You’ve been an RULer for five years! Way to go!

Some of these awards can be received by posting in our awards requesting thread! Others I wish you the best of luck in earning!

Now that we’ve recapped what’s already happened, I’m going to discuss the Minecraft server, ┬ásome of the changes that we’ve made, and the re-opening date! First off let me just say I’m excited to share these changes with you. We strongly believe that they will lead to a better experience!

I’ll start off with the largest and more significant change! Once we re-open the server, you will no longer be required to get authorization on the site to be able to build in the main world. All that will be required is agreement to our rules in game. This change is all but guaranteed to make a stronger community on the server!

Authorization still exists. However it has now become a means of accessing additional content on the server! People who get authorized will receive the rank Member+. This rank will allow them to play on all of the worlds we have available. Non authorized users will only be able to play in the main world, and in the Wild.

Speaking of the Wild…We’re going to redefining it. No longer is it a world for non-users to play in build in. Now it is our premier PVP experience. Users will be able to join in on the PVP fun when the server re-opens.

We’re adding a prison world! Yes you read correctly, in the near future you’ll be able to engage in mining and rising the ranks of our prison society. We have no official release date, but our staff is hard at work and we hope to have it done as soon as possible.

The prison world is not the only world we intend to add. Down the line we have intentions on adding a “Hunger Games” world to the mix. Currently we have not started on integrating this into the server, but it is something you can look forward to playing in the future.

Finally I’m excited to announce that we’ll be adding a new rank to Minecraft, “User Mod”. The user mod rank on the server will be given to trusted members to help assist our server staff deal with member issues, and/or misbehaving members.

So, those are our exciting plans for Minecraft. We hope you’re excited as we are. Our server will be re-opening on Saturday, May 31st. You have less than a week to wait until you can get back and playing.

To end off this community update I’m going to leave you with a teaser.