RUL Friday Update- It’s Actually on a Friday!

I know, I know… this is some sort of crazy wizardry having an update on a Friday. But alas, it is actually happening! But no, do not count on this happening frequently. You know what we’re like.

Anyways, it’s my turn for another fancy schmancy community update. This update may be a little shorter than past ones, but it will still be packed with lots of amazing things.

First and foremost, as you’ve noticed, lots of changes have been happening within the RUL Staff lately. Our main goal in doing this is to create an even stronger team that not only keeps the site in tip-top shape, also brings new and engaging content to the members and fans of Ready Up Live. We have always strived to have a community that has an abundance of content that gives us the opportunity to talk about our passion and love for gaming. This is why we decided to bring another Content Producer onto the team to help with frequent Twitch streams from the Ready Up Live account and with creating various videos. So, everyone give a big congrats to our newest staff member, Chief Canuck! We look forward to seeing what exciting things he does for RUL!

In terms of community awesomeness, I am here to expand upon the special RUL Night that I hinted about in a previous post. At some point this Summer, we will be hosting a “Staff vs. RUL” Night where your skills will be put to the test against the staff in Halo 4. While I can pretty much guarantee that you will never beat us, we thought it would be fun to let you try. 😉 Velocity will be taking charge of this project, with myself as the co-pilot. Once the schedule gets worked out, more details will be released!

One of our newest original content series on RUL is the Halo- TL;DR. I know many of you on the site are Halo fanatics, but for some, like myself, we have never had the chance to read about and know all of the Halo information that is out there. These posts will be informative, and somewhat silly as there will be some TL;DR-ception going on within each thread. So far, Tyzer has done an incredible post on Dr. Halsey, which you can check out on the frontpage if you haven’t done so already. We hope you have enjoyed the first installment and are looking forward to future topics!

Well, it looks like that’s all I’ve got for all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen today. But, since this is shorter at least you won’t have to have a Community Update TL;DR. Until next time, RULers! *shoots confetti*