Xbox One June Update Detailed!

The Xbox One team at Microsoft has been listening to fan feedback ever since the console’s launch; adding features that players request that may not have been present. Today, the announced June update also adds some of those features to Xbox One!

The Xbox One June update’s main feature is External Storage Support. Any USB 3.0 external storage device with at least 256 Gigs of storage can be used by the Xbox One, and you can use two of them! Once a HDD is formatted for use on the Xbox One, it becomes the default drive games will save to, with the Xbox One HDD becoming backup storage, which is again optional. Major Nelson recommends the Seagate 4TB external drive used in the video!

Also included in this update is the real names feature; designed to make it easier for your friends to identify you. Don’t worry, this is completely optional, and you can even go so far as to pick who can see your real name, person by person.

Updates to Smartglass are also coming with this patch, making the full OneGuide experience available, and turning Smartglass into a Universal Remote Control, for use across all your devices.

The last major update coming to Xbox One is the ability to have your Xbox One sign your account in by default. Something I know many people will be happy about.


There’s no release date for the June Update as of yet, but it will undoubtedly be rolled out to the Update Preview testers first and then the general public at a later date.