Destiny Achievement/Trophy List Revealed!

As we get into the end of a multi-year wait, excitement for Destiny is rekindling for many as more details on the July beta drop while the countdown clock breaks the 75 day mark!

As part of Bungie’s Weekly Update, Bungie decided to tease us once more with a generous, yet paltry helping of what’s to come. But enough of that, here’s the list you’re dying to see:



One with a keen eye would notice that although there is in fact a three-man limit on fireteam size, clans will be making their way into Destiny! Also that you’ll need to do a lot of item collecting if you want to master this game! But, then again, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Let us know what you think of this list. Is it too hard? Too easy? Do you plan on perfecting all that Destiny has to offer?

Destiny will be available on Spetember 9, 2014 with a closed beta starting on July 17 for PS4 and shortly later for other consoles!