Killer Instinct Season 2 kicks off with TJ Combo


During the Pre-E3 show, Microsoft revealed that TJ Combo will kick start Killer Instinct Season 2.

The teaser trailer shows off TJ Combo and his stage, in a destroyed structure and a night-time city landscape. He looks be a rush-down character with some dash punched and grapple moves as well. Nothing else was shown but its great to see Season 2 in development, with one of the fan favourites starting off the next roster of characters, and what looks to be Cinder, as the teased character at the end of the trailer,

Previous Killer Instinct developers Double Helix Studios were acquired by Amazon Games earlier this year, with Iron Galaxy (well known for DiveKick) continuing the development of Season 2, and hopefully Season 3.

Killer Instinct was released for the Xbox One at launch, with only 9 playable characters and stage, and a few modes, but with Season 2 coming this Fall, we will definitely see more characters, stages and content