League of Legends Patch 4.9 Notes

In the comments of my Champion Review many people said they would enjoy more information League content on the site, so I figured throwing up the patch notes for Patch 4.9 that goes live June 4th would be a great addition to the information on the site. All of the information seen here is directly from Riot Games patch notes although I have padded things down a little, to get more context on individual nerfs, buffs & changes you can view the entire article here.


Here’s Riot Pwyff with the notes of this patch.
“Hey Summoners,

Welcome to patch 4.9! We’ve got bug changes, moustache trims, and… jungle landscaping (I’ll stop).

Our biggest change is definitely for Kha’Zix, who’s been a difficult bug to balance for some time. You can read below for our full context, but Kha’Zix’s big issue has always been his overloaded role identity as both a fighter and assassin. When a champion has the ability to start and end a team fight all on their own, that makes for pretty low teamplay and low counterplay (look at those direct references to design values!). Once again, read below for deeper context!

Outside of gameplay changes, check out the addition of team rewards (UPGRADING WARD SKIN!?) as we continue to reward players for participating in jolly (competitive) cooperation.

And that’s all for this foreword! Be sure to check out more of our changes and updates below!”

Chris “Pwyff” Tom

Visual Updates


Karthus has received a Visual Update and is ready to reap the living in style. Check out the full details here!


CLARITY: Added team-color indicators to basic abilities

Q – Lay Waste

CLARITY: Added a new indicator that shows the full area of effect
SWAG: Added crit-style combat text and a unique sound effect for double-damage Qs

W – Wall of Pain

CLARITY: Added a visual debuff effect that marks affected enemy champions



We padded Braum’s punches, Q does less damage at all ranks, and W gives less defensive stats (also scales less).



Passive – Concussive Blows

BUGFIX: No longer stuns individuals when they have spell shields up

Q – Winter’s Bite

BASE DAMAGE: 80/125/170/215/260 ⇒ 60/105/150/195/240

W – Stand Behind Me

BONUS ARMOR / MAGIC RESISTANCE: 20/22.5/25/27.5/30 (+14/15.5/12/18.5/20% bonus armor / mr) ⇒ 15/17.5/20/22.5/25 (+10/11.5/13/14.5/16% bonus armor / mr)

E – Unbreakable

BUGFIX: We’ve cleaned up a few cases where certain effects could bypass Unbreakable’s active barrier


We reverted the W damage buff and base movement speed buffs to Kassadin from patch 4.6.



W – Nether Blade

DAMAGE: 40/75/110/145/180 (+0.7 ability power) ⇒ 40/65/90/115/140 (+0.6 ability power)


Q does less damage and less isolation damage. Evolved Q no longer deals bonus damage on missing health, but deals more overall damage to isolated targets. W deals bonus damage to monsters. Evolved W now slows enemies by 50% and grants sight of their location to Kha’Zix. Evolved R no longer grants damage reduction (but keeps his increased stealth duration and additional stealth charge).

Q – Taste Their Fear

BASE DAMAGE: 70/100/130/160/190 (+1.5 bonus attack damage) ⇒ 55/80/105/130/155 (+1.2 bonus attack damage)

Q – Evolved Enlarged Claws

new: ISOLATION If target is isolated, deal an additional 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100/ 110/120/130/140/150/160/170/180 (+1.04 bonus attack damage) physical damage (in other words, 10 x Champion Level (+1.04 bonus attack damage))
removed: EXECUTE No longer deals bonus damage based on target’s missing health

W – Void Spike

new MONSTER DAMAGE Now deals +20% bonus damage to monsters

W – Evolved Spike Racks

new: MONSTER DAMAGE Now deals +20% bonus damage to monsters
new: UTILITY If target hit is a champion, grant sight of their location to Kha’Zix for 2 seconds
SLOW 30% for 2 seconds ⇒ 50% for 2 seconds

R – Evolved Active Camouflage

removed: DAMAGE REDUCTION No longer grants +60% damage reduction on Stealth


R – Grand Skyfall

new: MANLY JUMPING Pantheon now ‘pops’ projectiles that are in flight toward him as he leaps off the screen
BUGFIX: Pantheon is now untargetable from the moment he leaves the ground to the moment he lands


We’re very aware of Rengar’s champion-eating capabilities (unlike the poor squishy targets he’s surprising), but we’re going to be watching how these changes / bug fixes affect the kitty before we take any larger action.

Passive – Unseen Predator

CLARITY: Next attack after leap now correctly starts when Rengar lands, rather than when he’s midair

Q – Savagery

DAMAGE: The bonus damage from Savagery and Empowered Savagery can no longer critically strike. The Attack Damage portion still can.
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Empowered Savagery’s bonus damage could be triggered multiple times using Unseen Predator


Rumble had a few strange bugs that were causing his Flamespitter to deal less damage.

Q – Flamespitter

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Flamespitter was dealing less damage when Rumble was trying to set people on fire for extended periods of time
BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Flamespitter dealt less damage when on purple team


In our zeal to reduce solo lane Soraka’s obnoxiousness, we kicked her a little too hard in the shins. These changes may not get her up to par, but we’re committed to supporting her beyond these buffs.

Q – Starcall

UTILITY: If Starcall hits an enemy champion, Astral Blessing’s cooldown is reduced by 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% ⇒ 10/11.25/12.5/13.75/15%

Minor Changes & Bugfixes

Recall Animations

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the following champions would occasionally cancel their recall animations:
  • Diana
  • Elise
  • Kha’Zix
  • Nami


E – Rappel

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the initial cast of Rappel could not be used on wards (Elise no longer needs to cast Rappel twice to descend on a ward)


Volibuff. Buffibear? Bam, context.

Q – Rolling Thunder

BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Volibear’s target would not be thrown the proper distance if the throw’s end position was inside of a wall or a crowd of other units

Twisted Treeline & Crystal Scar


We initially changed Kha’Zix’s isolation damage for Dominion / TT based on his old kit, but now that additional modifications have been made, we’re going to revert to his new kit to get a better feel for the overall changes.

Q – Taste Their Fear / Evolved Enlarged Claws


Friend List

The Friend List should make it easy to see which of your friends are available to play with, but its feature set needed a little work. This patch’s updates are aimed at facilitating how players use the Friend List, both to find individuals (search bar!) and to quickly check on their Friend Groups (which now contain offline members).

  • The Settings menu to the right of the “Friend List” bar has been expanded to include the following functionality:
    • Status message editing
    • Sort Friends options
    • (New) Show Offline Friends
  • The status message bar has been repurposed into a Friend List search tool
    • Your status message is now displayed alongside your Summoner Name at the top of your Friend List
  • Friend Groups can now be moved up and down through the right-click menu
  • Friend Groups now list offline members when “Show Offline Friends” is enabled
    • The “Offline” Friend Group has been removed
  • Players who haven’t yet accepted your friend request will now appear as grayed out and offline under the General group when “Show Offline Friends” is enabled
  • “Sort Friends” and “Show Offline Friends” settings are now saved locally on your computer and will persist through logout

Team Rewards

We’ve added Team Rewards as a new class of rewards to further differentiate ranked team play from ranked solo play. Since ranked teams place a special focus on jolly cooperation, require more effort to coordinate, and embody the teamwork that defines League, we wanted players to have a way to commemorate and celebrate their success as part of a team.

  • New ranked team progression system: players earn points with every ranked team win toward unlocking and upgrading a Season 2014 ward skin, awarded at the end of the season
  • New Ranked Leagues profile page where players can compare their leagues, get more information about season rewards, and track their progress towards team rewards
  • Notifications will now appear in your profile tab and ranked team page if you do not have enough wins on your ranked team to be eligible for the rewards for that tier
  • Season rewards now include unique summoner icons based on tier achieved in 3s and 5s


Warding Totems will now use your selected Ward Skin! You can now proudly display your ward skin in game, even if you primarily rely on yellow trinkets to contribute to team vision (but you should totally be buying green and pink wards to help your poor support).

  • Ward skin selection is now applied to Warding Totem trinket wards
  • To maintain visual distinction from trinket wards, Stealth wards (including wards from Wriggle’s Lantern and Feral Flare) have a new green circle indicator. Yellow trinket wards will continue to display the existing yellow circle indicator.

Skin Updates

In addition to Pentakill Karthus’s VU, we’ve given texture updates to Pentakill Sona and Pentakill Mordekaiser. The entire Pentakill skin line also has a new team splash image. For metal.


Upcoming Skin

The following skin will be released during Patch 4.9:

Woad Scout Quinn