RUL Challenges – 6/16/14

I hope you guys enjoyed the challenges from last time, it appears I was lulled into a false sense of security over QWOP. It looks like some of you are rather good at the game and I was basing my judgement of the game’s difficulty on my own personal ability. Considering it took me over an hour to reach 50m and that is my highest score, I was wrong to make that judgement. Anyways, swiftly moving on…

Last Time’s Challenges


Give the Mantis a Custom Paint Job!

You work in the UNSC’s first ever custom vehicle shop, and Scribbles has brought his mantis along and wants a sick custom paint job on it! You will find below a basic drawing of his Mantis – go ahead and apply any decals/designs/colours/patterns to it, and then Scribbles will decide which he likes best!

The winner will receive 3 points, and a runner-up will receive 2 points. All other entries will receive 1 point.

Game Based

Remember Reach: Part 1

Complete mission 1, “Winter Contingency”, from Halo: Reach’s campaign on Heroic difficulty – with any 5 skulls on. Solo only.

Make sure to enable scoring! The person with the highest score for the mission will receive 3 points, the runner up will get two, any other people who complete the mission regardless will get 1 point. Should there be any ties, the person who got that score in the fastest time will win.

QWOP Competition

Put your running skills to the test in the hilariously awkward and frustrating game, QWOP. Head to this site to play.

The person who gets the furthest will receive 3 points, the runner-up, 2 points, and anyone who gets over 5 metres will receive 1 point.


iForge receives three points for his whopping 100.4 metres in QWOP, with Liz_Fenix and Velociraptor both receiving two points for their very close second-place on 100.2 metres.

Nightrise sneaks a win for the Reach challenge with 57639 points and Velociraptor in second with 53035 points.

Finally, Scribbles has decided that he will go for Liz_Fenix’s design for his Mantis, commending Velociraptor’s design, giving it second place. Fantastic efforts, these designs look rad – wouldn’t mind them on my Mantis!


The leaderboard now looks like this:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Liz_Fenix 25
#2 Velociraptor 24
#3 Splice 16
#4 Ye Olde Apple 13
#5 Foundation Afro 11
#6 iForge 6
#6 SNSnytheticWolf 3
#6 Nightrise 3
#7 Demon 2
#7 Guitarguy47 2
#8 SMG90 1

Onwards to the new challenges!




Create a new weapon/vehicle to go into the Halo lore! Feel free to add drawings, a fact file, bio etc.

I’ll be judging this one, my favourite idea will get 3 points, runner up will get 2 points, all other entries will get 1 point. Winner decided based on creativity and good design – quality, not quantity, folks!

[Submit your entries in SPOILERPIC tags]

Game Based

Remember Reach: Part 2

Complete mission 2 “ONI: Sword Base” on Legendary difficulty, with at least 4 skulls on.

The fastest completion of this challenge will get 2 points, all other entries get 1 point.

[Recommended Evidence: Link to Halo: Reach Stats page]


The task is simple, have some good ‘ole retro fun and get the highest score on Space Invaders! (Online version can be found here)

The highest scoring member will get 3 points, all other attempts will get 1 point.

[Same evidence procedure as QWOP, take a screencap of your high score, with an RUL window open behind it to prove it’s your score]


Head here for the rules/guidelines.

Good luck, and enjoy!