RUL Podcast – Episode 2

Welcome everyone to the second episode of the ReadyUpLive Podcast! As always hosted by Nevin Douglas, co-hosted/produced by Chief Canuck, and featuring guest Scott Bradford.

This weeks topics focused around Watch Dogs, Open World Games, and YouTube Royalties:

  • Watch Dogs: Reactions, Likes and Dislikes, Open World Depth (0:00 – 23:20)
  • Nevin Douglas’s Article: Everything is Disconnected (Article)
  • Open World Games – Compare and Contrast (23:20 – 40:27)
  • Gamespot: The Point – Why Watch Dog’s World Doesn’t Feel Real (Video)
  • YouTube/Let’s Play Royalties – Fez Developer Comments (40:27 – 59:94)
  • ReadyUpLive Community Updates and Game nights! (56:50 – 61:03)
  • E3 Destiny Private Event Recap from Greenskull (Video)

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Game Nights:

Weekly Minecraft Nights with Velocity & Rez

  • Time & Place: Saturdays @ 7 PM EST
  • Where: Ready Up Live Official Minecraft Server

Weekly Halo 4 Nights with Soterios and Ye Olde Apple

  • Time and placeMondays at 6:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M Central, Xbox 360 (your living room, bedroom, garage)

Weekly GTA Online Nights with Dark and KillerOfCereal

  • When: Tuesday nights starting April 1.
  • Time: We will start at 8 O’Clock EST and go until we run out of energy or bullets.

Weekly League of Legends Nights with AnthraX and Minolta

  • When: Unless mentioned in this thread, There will be league every Thursday, although time of day and host may vary.
  • Time:  April 3rd @ 7pm Central


Hosts and Guests:


Hope you enjoyed, see you next week! #RULPodcast