Ryse: Son Of Rome ‘Morituri Pack’ DLC Released

Ryse: Son of Rome’s latest DLC add-on has been released. The ‘Morituri Pack’ will set you back $7.99 (£6.39) , and adds False Gods, The Beacon and Revolution arenas to the Gladiator game mode, The Forbidden Forest and Sulfur Riverto to Survival mode, totaling five arenas on two multiplayer modes.


And if that isn’t enough DLC for your dollar the ‘Morituri Pack’ also includes a player skin for King of the Britons, Oswald. All the new DLC arenas have been fully optimized for your solo Gladiator aswell as Survival play. The ‘Morituri Pack’ is included in the Ryse: Son Of Rome season pass.


Microsoft also reminded players that there were still undiscovered Easter eggs in Ryse: Son Of Rome. A total of nine Easter eggs were hidden, so far it’s believed five have been discovered. Did you manage to find any? If so what and where?

Will you be purchasing the new snazzy DLC? As always leave your comments below!