Xbox Feedback Site Launched

Microsoft has launched a new site called “Xbox Feedback“, which allows users to submit their ideas and suggestions for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Once an idea is submitted, users can vote on it – those that stand out from the crowd may well see implementation!

Already, some suggestions are beginning to shine through – such as making Xbox Music not required to be “snapped” to play music whilst you game and Home page customisation, such as backgrounds.

All you need to do to vote and submit your own ideas is to head to the Xbox Feedback website and log in with your Microsoft account, the submitted ideas are organised into categories, which are accessible on the right.

This is just one of the many ways Microsoft has aimed to improve it’s relationship with the public – releasing numerous updates to Xbox One since it’s launch, changing policies and now releasing a simple yet effective way to give the users a voice.

What do you think of the recent changes in Xbox strategy? Are they doing enough to improve their customer relations?

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