Halo At RTX – Everything You Need To Know

Hungry for information about the Master Chief Collection? Well today is your lucky day; Earlier today at the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin Texas 343 Industries served us up a large plate of tasty details. Ranging from the second of six remastered multiplayer maps to the Gungoose there’s a lot to cover and I’m sure you’re as hungry as I was, so lets dive into the details!

The Big News

Coagulation Remastered


One of the most iconic Halo multiplayer map is coming back with a new lick of paint. While there is no in game pictures of Coagulation available at the moment, 343 Industries has released some fantastic concept art which you can see both above and below this text.




Ascension Remastered

During the panel we were shown a demo of Ascension (which you can watch above). This demo revealed three key things to us.

  • The Map features a To-Scale Halo ring in the skybox that rotates as a Halo ring woud.
  • Additional cover has been added to the sky bridge and a centre structure has been added to the map.
  • An interactive energy shield has been added to the middle of the map. This energy shield acts as a dome and can be activated from 3 points on the map.

Halo 2: Directors Cut


Multiplayer is going to include many of the things that were cut from/desired to be in Halo 2. The mongoose, the silenced smg, speed boost and the assault rifle (which can be found on ascension), will all be making an appearance in the game. Meanwhile magnums (both dual wielded and not) will see tuning and a damage boost.

The Gungoose


You’re probably thinking what in the world is a Gungoose? Well it’s a mongoose with guns! Joining the Gungoose will be Gungoose CTF, which should prove to be an interesting game type! It also appears that 343 Industries has some surprises up their sleeves in the form of additional vehicles. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until a later date to get more details on said vehicles.


A video was released that has detailed the new terminals. These new terminals will cover the back story of the arbiter.  You can watch the trailer above.

Remastered Cinematics

Blur Studio will be remastering all of the Halo 2 cinematics, as well as creating a prologue and epilogue to the game. The remastered cinematics will be the same as the ones that were seen in Halo 2. They will not be from the perspective of Agent Locke. Like the gameplay you will still be able to watch the cinematics with their original graphics.


All existing skulls will be making a return to the game. In tandem with the new skulls there will be a total of 30 skulls for Halo 2 Anniversary.

Controller Options

Two words. Universal controls. With a simple setting you can make all of the included games use the same control scheme. If you’d prefer you can also have each game use individual control schemes.



Halo 2 Anniversary will include old favourites as well as new gametypes. Below you can see the gametypes that have been revealed thus far.

  • Old:
    • CTF: including 1 Flag
    • Assault: including Multi, Single, Neutral Bomb
    • Territories
    • Juggernaut
  • New:
    • Ricochet
    • Race
    • SWAT
    • Infection (old school)

Additional Details

  • The menu screen will play music and display background images from the Halo game you’ve chosen to play.
  • Button combos and glitches will appear/work in Halo 2’s classic multiplayer, but not in it’s remastered multiplayer.
  • There will be no forge item crossover. Halo 2 forge, Halo 3 forge, and Halo 4 forge are independent of each other.
  • Theatre mode will only exist in the games that launched with it, Halo 3 and 4.
  • There may be achievements based off of Halo 2 easter eggs. (This could mean we get an Achievement for getting the scarab gun ala Halo 2 PC!)
  • Forge details may be revealed at either Comic Con or Games Com.
  • Remastered Audio details will make an appearance at Comic Con.
  • Gamescom will reveal details about Spartan appearance and customization.