Halo Weekly Update 7/17/14

Apologies for the lack of a Halo update recently, I’ve been away and it seems I’ve missed rather a lot – let’s get to it!


Rebel covered RTX’s news in great depth, but just for a brief recap, here are the most important pieces of news from RTX 2014!


Along with Ascension, Coagulation is one of the six Halo 2 maps to be remastered in the Anniversary multiplayer – as part of The Master Chief Collection.

Speaking of Ascension, we’ve now learned that they’ve made a handful of changes and additions to the map, including increased cover on the bridge, a to-scale Halo ring rotating around the map and an interactive energy shield placed in the central structure!

Halo 2 multiplayer is going to include a lot of things that were cut from Halo 2, including the Mongoose, the Silenced SMG, speed boost, the Assault Rifle, and a damage boost to the Magnum.

Whilst we have little details as yet, it has also been revealed that the Gungoose will be making an appearance in Anniversary multiplayer, with it’s own CTF variant. As the name may suggest, it’s a Mongoose with a gun fitted to the front!

There was a trailer for the Halo 2 Anniversary Terminals, which will delve into the Arbiter’s backstory. Check this out below!

Halo 2 Anniversary will include 30 Skulls, that’s all the originals plus some new ones!

Controls for The Master Chief Collection can be universalised, or you can have a different scheme for each game.


San Diego Comic-Con is coming up next week, and 343i are going to be there in force!

There will be a Halo: Nightfall panel on July 24th, talking about the story and giving a first look at the series with a video tease! On the 25th, there will be a second panel hosted by members of 343i and Certain Affinity, where they will discuss The Master Chief Collection’s production and other details of the game.

Matchmaking Updates

Monday’s Halo 4 update will bring back Big Team SWAT as the featured playlist until August 4th.

Quick Draw will be added to the Team Doubles playlist, occasionally appearing in the third voting slot.

Small tweaks will also be applied, and some of the Flood maps will be cleaned up after the update.

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That’s pretty much it for this week – make sure to check out the Bulletin for more detailed information and a “Quarterback”-themed Screenshot Spotlight!

Until next week!