Project Spark ‘Starter Pack’ Release Date Announced

Microsoft have announced a release date for Project Spark. An open beta began back in March and has since had over one million Xbox One and PC community created projects uploaded to their dedicated site.

Microsoft have described this as a starter pack, and will contain ready made levels and games, as well as a range of sound effects, graphics and animations. Creative gamers will have the freedom to create their own games from scratch or simply modify the ready made built in content. Beta testers have been very creative, taking the resources available to create various game types, from racers to complex puzzle games whilst keeping the freedom of free-roaming. The game is said to be Microsoft’s answer to PlayStation’s LittleBigPlanet, and gives similar accessible features for creating and sharing community built content.


When revealed at E3 back in 2013, Project Spark developers team Dakota promised a release on the Xbox 360, although this hasn’t been mentioned by Microsoft’s announcements this week.

The retail version of Project Spark will be available from the 7th October in the US and the 10th October in Europe, priced at $39.99/£29.99.

Have you been enjoying the Project Spark beta? What have you created so far? As always, let us know in the comments below!