RUL Staff vs. The World

A little over two years ago you, the Ready Up Live users were given a simple challenge from the staff; defeat us. The battles were fought, blood was shed and of course hilarity was included; it has indeed been a long time since that event but it is now upon you again…
RUL Staff vs. The World Information

That’s right Rulers, it is your time again to be pitting against us staff members. Much like the previous RUL staff vs. The World, it will be 8 vs. 8 matches, RULers on one side, Staff on the other. You will have to send a message to myself (Velocity) or Start a Riot when the event starts and we will take turns rotating people in and out of the lobby as the night progresses. Please do not message us before the start time, as it will be difficult to keep track of everyone that wants to play. On that note I will take my leave and wish you the best of luck for this Friday, you’ll need it…

Read below for additional details:

What: RUL Staff vs. The World – A chance for you to pit your skills against ours!
Friday, July 18th
Where: Xbox Live
Game: Halo 4, Halo: Reach

Gamertags for Invites:


Velocity (Community Staff) – Gamertag: Veloc1ty24
Start a Riot (Community Manager) – Gamertag: Start a R1OT
(In Central Standard Time)

Halo 4
| 5:00pm – 7:00pm Halo: Reach | 7:00pm – 9:00pm