RUL Challenges Season 2… Bonus Round!

Well, well, well… Looks like there was some serious competition over Nightfall.

In the spirit of last week’s Firefight challenges, I’ve added a bonus round! This will only run for one week, and then the results will be announced and Season 3 will commence.

Last Time’s Challenges



In a completely unedited Minecraft world, find a breathtaking view, pick your angles, pick your time and weather, and take a screenshot.

They will be staff-judged, with the winner getting 3 points, a runner-up getting 2 points and every other entry receiving 1 point.

Game Based

Vidmaster: Endure… Solo

Of course, this famous Vidmaster challenge is a nightmare on co-op, so I’m not expecting completion here. Attempt Halo 3: ODST’s Firefight on Heroic, Solo, on any map, and get as far as you can.

The person who gets the furthest will get 3 points. Everyone who attempts it and gets through the first set will get one point. On the off-chance somebody does complete 4 sets solo, 5 points will be awarded…

Remember Reach: Part 3

Now, I know last time was a speed challenge, but this mission truly takes the biscuit in terms of how quickly you can complete it. Complete Nightfall on any difficulty you like, with as many players as you like, with as many or few skulls as you like.

All completions in under ten minutes get 1 point. Under eight minutes, 2 points awarded. Under seven minutes, 3 points awarded. If you can reach less than five minutes, you will receive 5 points!


I preferred Velociraptor’s image to the others, as it had such a fantastic view, Liz_Fenix’s came a close second because of the clever placement and eerie nightscape. All other entries received 1 point.

[Disclaimer: All judging is done without knowledge of who the designer is until winners are picked]

I’ve given an honorary 1 point extra to Nightrise for his impossibly fast completion of Nightfall, but the point alllocations followed the scheme I set out, with all entries less than 5 minutes I believe. I’m going to have to be harsher for Season 3, you devilisly fast people, you.

Velociraptor receives 3 points for his amazing efforts in reaching Set 4 of the Firefight challenge!

The leaderboard now is as follows…

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 42
#2 Liz_Fenix 38
#3 Splice 16
#4 Ye Olde Apple 13
#5 Foundation Afro 11
#5 SNSnytheticWolf 11
#6 Nightrise 9
#7 iForge 6
#8 Velocity 5
#9 Guitarguy47 4
#10 Demon 2
#11 SMG90 1
#11 Acid Element 1


This bonus round is a very simple one to close off the season…

Now is the chance to really push for those points!

Go ahead and earn as many achievements as possible! For every 100 Gamerscore you earn, you will receive 1 challenge point.

Please take a screencap showing your current Gamerscore, and then provide a link/image or direct me to your current Gamerscore at the end of the week.

You have right up until the minute I publish the post next week to earn those Achievements – so get going!


Rules/guidelines can be found here.

Until next week!