RUL Challenges Season 2 Finale – 6/30/14

Welcome to the final set of Challenges for Season 2! This season has been extremely different to the first, with additions like the Creative challenges and the Pop Quiz week – stay tuned in Season 3 for what I hope to be the most varied series yet!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at last time’s challenges…

Last Time’s Challenges



Create a new weapon/vehicle to go into the Halo lore! Feel free to add drawings, a fact file, bio etc.

Game Based

Remember Reach: Part 2

Complete mission 2 “ONI: Sword Base” on Legendary difficulty, with at least 4 skulls on.


The task is simple, have some good ‘ole retro fun and get the highest score on Space Invaders!


The winner of the Inventor challenge is Velociraptor, with Liz_Fenix as the runner-up. The key to a good design is not only to be flexible and as useful as possible, but to maintain simplicity, I felt that the DMBR85 demonstrated that best, with The Hybrid coming a close second. The idea of liquid nitrogen rounds was fantastic, a simple improvement that could make a huge difference. The Curoch was an ambitious design, a fantastic bit of kit for any soldiers’ arsenal, but also one I could see being overwhelming for a newcomer. Given the right training though, it could be a formidable weapon!

[Disclaimer: All judging is done without knowledge of who the designer is until winners are picked]

Velociraptor also wins the Space Invaders challenge with a whopping 77,950 points!

Liz_ Fenix wins the Reach challenges by just a sheer 30 seconds!

This switches the leaderboard around as follows:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 31
#2 Liz_Fenix 30
#3 Splice 16
#4 Ye Olde Apple 13
#5 Foundation Afro 11
#6 iForge 6
#7 SNSnytheticWolf 5
#8 Guitarguy47 4
#9 Nightrise 3
#10 Demon 2
#11 SMG90 1
#11 Acid Element 1

And now, for your new challenges!




In a completely unedited Minecraft world, find a breathtaking view, pick your angles, pick your time and weather, and take a screenshot.

They will be staff-judged, with the winner getting 3 points, a runner-up getting 2 points and every other entry receiving 1 point.

Game Based

Vidmaster: Endure… Solo

Of course, this famous Vidmaster challenge is a nightmare on co-op, so I’m not expecting completion here. Attempt Halo 3: ODST’s Firefight on Heroic, Solo, on any map, and get as far as you can.

The person who gets the furthest will get 3 points. Everyone who attempts it and gets through the first set will get one point. On the off-chance somebody does complete 4 sets solo, 5 points will be awarded…

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot/Photo at furthest point/postgame stats]

Remember Reach: Part 3

Now, I know last time was a speed challenge, but this mission truly takes the biscuit in terms of how quickly you can complete it. Complete Nightfall on any difficulty you like, with as many players as you like, with as many or few skulls as you like.

All completions in under ten minutes get 1 point. Under eight minutes, 2 points awarded. Under seven minutes, 3 points awarded. If you can reach less than five minutes, you will receive 5 points!

[Recommended Evidence: Link to Halo: Reach Stats page]


Rules/Guidelines can be found here.

Good luck, everyone!