Destiny Competitive Multiplayer Trailer and Gametypes

During Sony’s press briefing at Gamescom 2014 Bungie unveiled a trailer showcasing Destiny’s competitive multiplayer, “The Crucible”. The trailer gives us some information as to what kind of gametypes to expect for Destiny.

Destiny Enter The CrucibleA breakdown of the gametypes that were revealed

  • Skirmish: “Small team tactics. Kill the enemy. Revive teammates”. A small 3v3 team deathmatch game type that allows you to revive teammates.
  • Rumble: “Kill everything. Watch your back”. Destiny’s 6 player free-for-all game type.
  • Salvage: “Salvage relics. Kill enemy players. Revive teammates”. Salvage is an objective game type where three member teams fight to scan and teleport relics scattered on the map. While the relic is being scanned the team must protect it as the other team attempts to stop the transmission.
  • Clash: “All-out team warfare. Destroy the enemy”. Destiny’s team deathmatch game type. No objectives, just straight forward kills equal points.
  • Combined Arms: “All-out team warfare with vehicles. Destroy the enemy”. Vehicle focused death match.
  • Control: “Capture Zones to increase points for every kill”. Control is a combination of the common domination and deathmatch game types. Capturing the objectives earn points and multiple the points of a kill per control point held. It was the only game type available during the Beta.
  • Iron Banner: “Power Matters. Earn epic rewards & gear.” A limited time event where your Guardian’s attack and defense points matter. Whereas in other game modes, attack and defense points do not effect gameplay.

Destiny Expansion PassBungie also confirmed that the first Expansion (DLC), “The Dark Below” will release on all platforms sometime in December. The Expansion Pass will cost $35 with individual expansions at $20. The Expansion Pass is also included in the Ghost, Limited, and Digital Guardian editions of Destiny.