Destiny Will be Available for Pre-Order AND Pre-load on Xbox One; New Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Microsoft officially announced at Gamescom that digital pre-loading and pre-ordering will be coming to Xbox One this year for select titles.

The feature was set to start with FIFA 15 (September 26) and Forza Horizon 2 (September 30), but now Microsoft has officially confirmed that Destiny will be available to pre-purchase and  pre-load, effectively taking the spot as the first title to be able to be pre-loaded on the Xbox One.

It’s still unkown how far ahead of launch we’ll be able to buy and then load the game, but hopefully it’s at least 48 hours, so those with less-than-ideal internet speeds who have an interest in digital have enough prep time.

For those of you with zero interest in digital games, Activision is offering a NEW pre-order bonus for destiny… sort of. If you pre-order both Destiny AND Call of Duty: Advanced Wafare at Gamestop, you’ll get access to the Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader!