Metro: Redux Brings the Glory of Nuclear Waste to Modern Consoles

Last year, I wrote about the troubles that the Metro series faced in the wake of THQ’s financial difficulties and ultimate buyout by Nordic Games. Prior to the buyout, THQ liquidated most of its IPs, with Metro going to publisher Deep Silver.

Metro: Last Light saw some setbacks because of this, but it was eventually published. The game recieved decent reviews and scores, but the release was, overall, kind of quiet.

Today, Metro sees the light of day yet again, this time on current generation consoles. Packaging both 2033 and Last Light, Metro: Redux is not just a port; both games have been rebuilt in developer 4A’s latest game engine, making for a seamless new-gen experience. Also included is every bit of DLC from both games.

Metro: Redux is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.