RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #1

The RUL Challenges are back with a vengeance! This means a clean slate, and a chance to show your fellow RULers what you’re made of! Before we get into the next set of challenges, let’s round off Season 2 with the results! After the bonus round, the leaderboard jiggled around a bit to produce these final standings…

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 46
#1 Liz_Fenix 46
#2 Splice 16
#3 Ye Olde Apple 13
#4 Foundation Afro 11
#4 SNSnytheticWolf 11
#5 Nightrise 9
#6 iForge 6
#7 Velocity 5
#8 Guitarguy47 4
#9 Demon 2
#10 SMG90 1
#10 Acid Element 1

Congratulations to Velociraptor and Liz_Fenix, the winners of Season 2! Check your PM’s to collect your prize!

For those who weren’t so fortunate, now is your chance to claim the throne… Let Season 3 begin!

Season 3 – Round 1

RUL Based

Ultimate SHFTer

Create and/or reply to at least 10 threads in the SHFT forum.

[Submit links to/screenshots of posts made]

Game Based

Reach Campaigner – Part 4

Complete mission 4 of Halo: Reach’s campaign mode (Tip of the Spear) on Heroic, solo – with Iron and 2 other Skulls on. (Secondary Skulls are allowed but do not count in the 2 skulls)

[Submit a link to Halo: Reach Stats or a screenshot of your Stats page]

Caption This!

New to the RUL Challenges… Caption this!

As the name may suggest, post a witty caption for the picture below in spoiler tags – you may submit as many as you like but only one will count if it wins.

The best entry will receive 2 challenge points, a runner-up will receive 1 point.

We all know how this scene plays out at the end of RUL Aftermath Season 1… caption it and change the entire scenario your way!

G87sye2 That’s all for Season 3’s opening! For those who are unfamiliar with the challenge system – here’s a reminder of the rules/process:


1. When you have completed the challenges, post in the connected forum thread (linked at the bottom of the post).

2. Challenge entries close when the post for the next set of challenges has been released.

3. Evidence must be provided with every challenge completion. Evidence recommendations will be provided with each challenge, any other form of evidence must show any specifics appropriate for the challenge.

4. If an evidence submission is not suitable, you will be contacted via PM. If no changes are made, or no replies are received by the time the relevant challenges are closed, that particular challenge will be treated as incomplete.

5. It goes without saying that if any challenges require a number of posts/chats, that these must be meaningful and not spam-like.

[Note: The requirement of evidence is not intended to show a lack of trust in anyone, it is purely a formality to ensure the challenges are fair for all]


Have fun with this season – and good luck!