RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #2

Hope you all enjoyed Round 1’s challenges, because from here on out, they’re going to get more exciting, more varied, and more rewarding. There’ll be chances throughout the season to catch up if you’ve fallen behind or started late, so don’t let that hold you back!

Announcement time!

So, you may or may not have heard, but the winners of Season 2, Liz_ Fenix and Velociraptor, won copies of Batman: Arkham City and Tomb Raider, respectively.

We’re upping the ante even further with Season 3. In addition to the coveted site award for winning a challenge season, the winner or winners of Season 3 will be included in a future Ready Up Live video production! The details are not yet finalised, so it may be a place in an RUL Skit, a part in an Aftermath, or something else entirely!

With that in mind, let’s see how we did for the last two weeks…

Last Time’s Challenges – Round 1

Ultimate SHFTer

Create and/or reply to at least 10 threads in the SHFT forum.

Reach Campaigner – Part 4

Complete mission 4 of Halo: Reach’s campaign mode (Tip of the Spear) on Heroic, solo – with Iron and 2 other Skulls on. (Secondary Skulls are allowed but do not count in the 2 skulls)

Caption This!

New to the RUL Challenges… Caption this!

As the name may suggest, post a witty caption for the picture below in spoiler tags – you may submit as many as you like but only one will count if it wins.

The best entry will receive 2 challenge points, a runner-up will receive 1 point.

We all know how this scene plays out at the end of RUL Aftermath Season 1… caption it and change the entire scenario your way! (Winner pictured below)



The winner of last time’s “Caption This!” challenge is Velociraptor, pictured above, with Guitarguy47 and YeOldeApple as the tied runners up, pictured and quoted below, respectively.

“Them Duke boys were up to no good yet again, and Riot wasn’t gonna stand for it. They say what goes around comes around, but for the Duke boys, what comes around came early.”


This leaves the new leaderboard as follows:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 4
#2 Ye Olde Apple 3
#3 Splice 2
#3 Liz_Fenix 2
#3 Guitarguy47 2

Season 3 – Round 2


It’s Everywhere!

The name of the game is simple, take one of the RUL Logos (pictured below) and put it in the funniest, cleverest or most awesome place you can find/think of IRL. You can print it out and place it somewhere or you can draw it on something (provided you’re not vandalising anything).

RUL Logo Green


The most inventive place will receive 3 points, every other entry will receive 1 point.

[Submit photos in a forum reply]

RUL Based

Prime Chatterbox

Increase your chat count by at least 50 chats.

Anyone whose chat count is a prime number, at the time of Round 3’s posting in two weeks, will receive a bonus point.

To check your chat count, go to the chatbox, then click “Awesomebox”, go to the Archive, then click “Awesomebox Archive”.

[Submit a screencap of your chat count at the start of this round, and once you have broken 50 chats. If you are going for the prime number, submit a screencap of your chat count at a prime number and it will be checked at the release of Round 3]

Game Based

Reach Campaigner – Part 5

Complete mission 5 of Halo: Reach’s campaign (Long Night of Solace), on Heroic, with all skulls on. (Blind optional, co-op allowed)

Anyone to complete this will receive 2 points.

[Submit a link/screencap of Reach Stats page]


That’s all for this round, make sure to check out Round 1’s post for the rules/process!

Until next time!