Top 5 @ReadyUpLive – Top 5 Ladies in Gaming (Modern)

Welcome back to Top 5 @ReadyUpLive! For this, our second installment, we’ll be taking a look at the top 5 ladies of gaming. Since there are so many women that are fundamental parts of the franchises we love, it was REALLY hard picking a top 5. So, this will be split into two segments, modern and classic. First up, the lovely ladies of late!


 5. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

Everyone’s favorite Umbra Witch, Bayonetta, takes the number 5 spot in our countdown. Bayonetta is everything you want from a kickass protagonist, a nonchalant and playful attitude grouped with her natural ability to use bullet arts makes her the bane of any Angel that may stand in her path. The often wanton witch’s journey to remember her past and stop the rejoining of the “Eyes of the World” is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves over the top action games! Besides, it’s really, really cheap!


4. Lilith (Borderlands 1 &2)

Ahhh Lilith, also known as the Firehawk to the bandits of Pandora, comes in at number 4 on our list. Lilith is a Siren, women with mystical powers who can be identified by the tattoos running down half of their body — only six sirens can exist at any one time. Lilith’s Siren power grants her the ability to Phasewalk, or to become invisible and invulnerable simultaneously. Entering her Phasewalk also initiates a Phaseblast, dealing damage to those caught within the blast radius. After opening The Vault and discovering Eridium in the events between Borderlands 1 and 2, Lilith learned that the element will drastically increase a Siren’s power, but consequently has caused Lilith to develop a sort of dependency to the substance, and if not handled carefully can lead to a Siren’s death — this was the case with Handsome Jack’s Siren daughter, Angel. Currently, Lilith is the strongest Siren on Pandora, and usually prefers killing and the pursuit of loot to any sort of heroics. She’s experienced love, loss and everything in between during her adventures on Pandora. She currently leads the Crimson Raiders in their fight against Hyperion.


3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara was a tough one to add to the list, not because she doesn’t deserve a spot, but because she’s one of the few characters that could be placed on either the classic or modern list. But, since Tomb Raider (2013) is the highest selling game in the franchise to date (over 6.5 million units), I went with the modern day Lara.

Lara’s most recent journey saw the young archaeologist fresh out of school and eager to discover relics that were thought to be lost for centuries in the kingdom of Yamatai. Lara’s character is in a weird place where she’s trying to come into her own, WAY before the guns blazing, tomb raiding kickass chick of the older games. Don’t get me wrong, Lara kills, like… a lot. So much so that she quickly becomes numb to it while ship wrecked on a mysterious island. Luckily, if you can call it luck, the mysterious island is inhabited by a murderous cult and the undead-like warriors of the Yamatai kingdom, which is what brought Lara and her companions to the dangerous island in the first place. This was definitely a origin story for the modern Lara, and her more human nature makes her a character you absolutely want to care about every second you control her. She’s more than deserving of this number 3 spot!


2. Ellie (The Last of Us)

Let’s cut to the chase, fourteen-year-old Ellie holds the fate of the human race within her body. Born during times where the Cordyceps fungal plague has decimated humanity and forced us to take refuge in isolated towns and cities few and far between, Ellie was unfortunately bitten and infected while hanging out with her best friend, Riley. However, even after three weeks with the fungus inside of her, she’s survived — normally infection causes the host to turn within hours. During the course of the game, Ellie learns that it’s kill or be killed outside of the military-controlled city of Boston as she witnesses humanity’s darkest side. Things like group ambushes under the guise of a wounded stranger and killing for minor supplies such as a few bottles of water or ammunition are far too commonplace in Ellie’s world. Despite all of these things, Ellie is able to grow and adapt while still retaining her humanity, only killing when other humans pose a serious threat. Ellie’s objective throughout the game is to seek out the Fireflies, with the aid of Joel, in order for them to study what it is that makes her immune to the Cordyceps fungus and develop a cure. Ellie is without a doubt one of the single most inspiring characters in video games today, proving she can be strong at times when others could not, and facing unbelievable odds in order to protect the ones she cares for.


Honorable Mention: Cortana (Halo)

Everyone on the site was probably wondering when their favorite AI companion was going to make the countdown. Well, technically she isn’t, but I figured I should at least pay respects to the currently MIA artificial intelligence based on Dr. Catherine Halsey. Whether or not Cortana can truly experience emotion or has any sense of humanity is up in the air, but one thing will always be certain, she cares for John. Also, she’s technically not a female.


1. Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)

 “There’s always a lighthouse.” A phrase that will resonate within your mind far beyond the completion of Bioshock Infinite and its associated Burial at Sea DLC, Elizabeth’s words tell us that despite there being infinite worlds with infinite circumstances surrounding them, some things will never change. Something that means a lot more after your adventures with the game’s deuteragonist, but let’s talk about our times with her rather than after the game’s end, shall we?

Elizabeth plays more than the “damsel in distress” part in Bioshock Infinite. She’s the game’s emotion, its heart and its plot. You find yourself attached to Elizabeth more so than any other character I can think of in recent history, male or female. She starts the game as the carefree girl, only concerned about your opinion about which pendant to wear, but quickly realizes the situation she was born into and pulls us along for the ride.

Elizabeth is a character you care for, and more importantly, you care how she feels about you. One of the most memorable moments with her is early on when she sees you, playing as Booker, kill for the first time — she immediately calls you a “monster” and runs off in fear. This genuinely made me sad. Yes, the thought of bringing fear and disappointment to this virtual character that I had developed a love for legitimately made me heartbroken. On her own, Elizabeth has the ability to engulf those around her in a sea of emotion that will hit each end of the spectrum.

I WANT to continue talking about Elizabeth’s amazing journey, but honestly I couldn’t do it justice (never mind having to spoiler dodge like a boss). Please, play the game for yourself and you’ll see why Elizabeth is the top lady in gaming!


So, are you guys enjoying the series so far? Please, I implore all of you to leave feedback and ideas for future segments in the comments!


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