Top 5 @ReadyUpLive – Top 5 Underestimated Games of 2014

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Top 5 @ReadyUpLive! This will be a new series of top 5 lists about random gaming related things I can come up with, like Top 5 support characters, or top 5 most iconic weapons, or whatever you guys that you guys want to see! Let’s have fun with it! First up, we have the top five underestimated games of the crowded 2014 lineup!


5. Hyrule Warriors

The Dynasty Warriors-inspired Hyrule Warriors, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U, is a spectacle, hack-n-slash game just like all the other Dynasty Warriors games that came before it. The one difference? It features all of our favorite characters from The Legend of Zelda universe –including the Demon King, Ganondorf! And honestly, that’s enough of a reason to play any video game. Still, people think this Zelda spin-off is just a quick cash grab and an attempt to hold people over while Nintendo takes its time on the next main installment in the Zelda franchise. While these things may be true, Hyrule Warriors is definitely not a game you should pass up if you’re a fan of the series.


4. The Crew

The Crew is one of Ubisoft’s first true next-gen titles, and in being so has a lot to live up to. The hype for this game was high coming out of E3 2013, but when showed a year later it seemed fans were more and more hesitant to give this game a chance considering the daunting 2014 games lineup. That, combined with the focus on demonstrating The Crew‘s competitive MMO nature over its gameplay and mechanics isn’t helping its cause. Still, even after all that, I’d say that the game is worth consideration for anyone who’s a fan of the arcade racer genre. The ability to customize your car for traversal through different types of terrain is a feature you don’t see often and one that should be lots of fun to tinker with, especially in races that have multiple road types!


3. The Evil Within

The newest project by the creator of the Resident Evil series, and the proclaimed “father of survival horror,” Shinji Mikami is one fans of the genre have been waiting for. Mind you, it’s a small fan base, but we’re here. The Evil Within promises to bring us back to the days where survival meant item management and choosing when and where your encounters will happen, not how many waves of generic enemies can you defeat while staying in one area. However, after luke-warm responses to the game from critics who played the E3 demo, many people aren’t quite ready to commit to a game that might leave them disappointed. This is one not even I can vouch for. We simply don’t know how the game has changed. or improved. since E3, but we’ll see on October 14.


2. Sunset Overdrive

Coming in at the penultimate spot in our countdown is Microsoft’s latest exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. Brought to us by the amazingly talented team at Insomniac Games, Sunset Overdrive is Microsoft’s ace in the hole for the rapidly approaching holiday season. On paper, the game has everything gamers love these days: an open world, weapon diversity, mobility, comedy, a colorful cityscape and the list goes on. But in reality, people seem hesitant to give the new IP a chance until they hear it’s worth their hard earned money. It’s hard to pinpoint one exact thing to blame these concerns on, but the doubt is still present in people’s minds, myself included. The fact that a AAA title of this stature has people second guessing themselves earned this game the number two slot.


1. Alien: Isolation

That’s right, the number one most underestimated game in the countdown is one that would probably take the top billing even if I remade this list 50 times over. Releasing on the heels of what’s unarguably the biggest blunder of the last generation, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Isolation has a LOT to live up to. Despite a different developer, genre and cast, fans of the Alien universe will ALWAYS look back at the web of lies Gearbox made when they see any new Alien game. Fortunately, Alien Isolation looks good, REALLY good. This survival horror game uses assets from the beloved Alien film, including audio, to immerse players into the eerie universe that’s adored around the world. Unfortunately, would-be buyers won’t see this in the game and will always remember how Gearbox lied and cheated them just to make a few bucks. Hopefully the game can prove itself and deliver a fright-filled adventure many will enjoy and do away with the doubt and fear we all share somewhere deep down about a new Alien game.


Hope you guys enjoyed the first Top 5 @ReadyUpLive! Please, let us know what you think. Do you agree with the list? Are there games you think are more underestimated than these? Also, please post any ideas for future top 5s you’d like to see in the future!