UPDATE: Destiny Available for Pre-Order and Pre-Load NOW

As recently reported, Microsoft announced that Destiny will be available for pre-load and pre-order on the Xbox One. Well, it seems that that time has come much sooner than expected. People can pre-purchase and download the game right now by visiting the game’s pre-order page HERE.

Digital pre-loading is a feature that, in theory, lets gamers play the game at 12:01AM in their respective time zones. This seems to be a part of the feature that Microsoft failed to realize when implementing their version of of pre-loading, as Destiny is not available to play until 3:01AM PDT, three hours after the game’s release on the East Coast. Just something to consider before planning to cancel your physical pre-order.This is also odd because it somewhat contradicts Microsoft’s own policy on pre-loading.

I guess the caveat about multiple time zones is coming into play for Destiny.