Welcome to RUL 8

It’s here, yo. RUL 8. Or RUL Infinity if you’re lying down.

We heard you. We know. The site was slow. It was too slow. We had enough and went to work.

Constructed by a man wearing a black fedora in a lab deep below the street of a New Mexico Laundromat, RUL Infinity was conceived. We adopted a fast metro theme that looks good across all devices. This easy-to-read style is very scrolltastic. Go on. Read. Read the words from the minds of a group of crazy, crazy people.

RUL 8 was an awful kept secret. Thanks, auto-posting to social media! RULBOT!!!

This technical feat would not have been possible without Minolta. The Minolta. The Blue one. Take it away.

Hello I am Jeffrey. I like butts.

Good work, Jeffery. Another man who worked hard on this project would be the one and only Rebel Rouser. Step up to da mic.

What Jeffrey said.

Keep it up, you two!

RUL 8 is hosted on an entirely new server. It’s fast, it’s sexy, and rumour has it there’s a guy at the hosting company who’s a fan! Ain’t that a thing. We hope you enjoy the new changes. It’s time for RUL to focus on running a great website and forum community once more.

I’ve updated the Official RUL Forum Rules for the first time in years. Yeah really. Give them a read.


P.S. Butts. That is all.