Xbox 360 is Getting a 500 GB Hard Drive

Microsoft recently posted a new product listing on featuring a new and improved internal hard drive for the slim models of the Xbox 360. While it’s not currently available for purchase, the site says that it will be available for pre-order soon, with a price tag of $109.99 USD. That makes it twenty dollars cheaper than the 320 GB hard drive that is currently available to buy.

While the Xbox One comes with 500 GB built in and support for external drives, the 360 is still only offered with 4 GB and 250 GB options, and the 320 GB can be bought separate (outside a few special console bundles). Microsoft has stated that the 320 GB model will soon be discontinued, on the heels of a price drop.

Personally, I’ve noticed my 360’s storage looking a little low, but I probably just need to do a cleanup. Anyone going to be upgrading? Or is it a moot point at this late a stage in the life cycle of the 360?