This just in: Minecraft Xbox One Edition is out now!

Remember how we told you Minecraft XBO would hit Xbox Live on 9/5? Well, someone made a liar out of us.

Out NOW, today, right this second, is Minecraft XBO. You can purchase it for $19.99 or $4.99 if you previously purchased it on 360.

And if you’re looking to upload your saves from 360 to the One, it’s a simple procedure, outlined in the video above:

  • Load your copy of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 with the profile containing the save(s) you want to transfer
  • Select the world, and hit Y.
  • Allow the file to completely upload.
  • Switch over to your Xbox One, find the world, and select it. Allow the file to download completely.
  • Bada-boom, bada-bing! all your progress is now transferred over into a bigger, better world!

All add-ons you’ve purchased or downloaded in the past will already be loaded on the new XBO version, no downloads necessary. Just take note, that you can only upload¬†one world at a time,¬†meaning you have to allow one world to completely transfer before adding another.

Now get out there and BUILD BUILD BUILD!