Destiny: The Long Haul

Bungie’s new space dandy, Destiny, has been out for two weeks so far, and boy has it been a fun ride. The game and community have had their share of ups and downs: the Vault of Glass has made us rethink friendships, the Cryptarch has shown us what a real troll looks like, the cave of wonders made players’ dreams come true (and then was promptly sealed), Xur has rewarded us with sweet things for saving our cryptrollallowances and we’ve all either raged or thoroughly enjoyed the range of shotguns in PvP.

We all know what we love and/or hate about Destiny, what we want added or removed. Bungie say they have a ten-year plan for the game(s), but can their wonderful butts cash the check they wrote? What does the game need in order for that goal to be met, to keep players interested? While proximity chat would be just nifty, it’s not crucial to the game’s long term survival.

Simply put, two things are required – content and constant updates. So far, they seem to be on the purple ball.

As far as content is concerned, we’ll get our hands on the first expansion, The Dark Below, in just a few short months. that’s expected to have new story missions, new strikes, gear, etc. In the meantime, we’ve seen a little of what Bungie has to offer with the Queen’s Wrath bounties and the opening of the Vault, with Iron banner coming in October. So far, so good, if not a little repetitive. Sometime in the future, we’ll get to delve into House of Wolves and all the goodness it brings.

Why hello there, sailors.
Why hello there, sailors.

Will that kind of content keep us coming back to the game? Maybe, if we all have alternate characters who will benefit from the gear, or they bump the level cap to 40 with third subclasses available. Here’s hoping.

Updates? Yeah, we’ve got those. Updates abound, really. So far, Bungie has been on top of fixing issues left and right, whether we want them to or not (Loot Cave, I barely knew ye). Server issues have been prominent, but those are to be expected. Engrams? Being fixed. Weapon balance in PvP? Being fixed. They say they’re going to be constantly on top of these things, and I don’t see them breaking this promise. They’re in this for the long haul, and it would behoove them to keep on truckin’. We, the players, have nothing to lose past our one-time investment in the game (DLC notwithstanding).

Bungie’s got their eyes on the stars with this one, and I think we’re all rooting for them here.