EGX London 2014 Diary – Day 1

As I sit here on my comfy bed in my hotel room, munching on an 18-pack of Tesco’s mini-doughnuts, I’d like to take a few moments to reflect and recount what I saw and experienced today at EGX London.

Up at 5am sharp to catch the first flight into London, the morning had a shaky start when I went to check in for my flight and realised my wallet with my money and ID inside was missing. Whilst it was retrieved from a darkened room in my house I had to transfer flights and make last minute changes to my travel arrangements, meaning I arrived late to Earl’s Court for EGX. Did that put a dampener on the day? Not at all…


By the time I got inside, things were well underway, with excited people bustling around all over the place, keen to try out this and next year’s most anticipated titles. I was, of course, one of those people and headed straight for the Xbox One zone. First stop? The Halo booth, where they had two setups of 4 players playing FFA Slayer on the newly remastered H2A version of Lockout as part of The Master Chief Collection. After bumping into my fellow Channel Islander, RUL VIP Nightrise, we both joined the queue and subsequently went about seeing me absolutely crushed by him, 20-11. All I can say about The Master Chief Collection is that the graphics certainly are gorgeous and you can really see the 60 FPS difference, it plays just like old-school Halo with the odd tweak here and there. The Master Menu looks really slick, and the newly recorded audio for the game are crystal clear, they give a real boost to the overall feel of the game.


After grabbing a bite to eat and briefly meeting up with RUL member MightyMidgit11, we left to have a go at Evolve. After a 90 minute wait in the queue, we got right into an Evolve match with Nightrise playing as the monster Goliath and me playing as the Assault class. The game itself felt a little clunky in terms of controls, but the gameplay, graphics, mechanics and general concept of the game were all really solid. It was challenging, and there were a variety of options open to my team as we attempted to hunt down the monster. The end result was that the local wildlife killed us more times than Nightrise did, but when he did kill us, he virtually saw us all off in the space of 30 seconds, once again leaving him the victor against me.


A good amount of time after that was spent simply wandering around the location, browsing the various booths, having a go at the soon-to-be-released Super Smash Bros. on 3DS (with me losing again), and watching a competitive match of League of Legends, where I learned how to REALLY play the game.


I then split off and headed for the Assassin’s Creed area, and waited for entry to a “closed-doors” live demo of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, which I unfortunately could not record. The demo showed off an assassination mission, and demonstrated the massively improved graphics, the larger and far more complex open world of Paris, the new downward parkour system, the new stealth system and much more. It really sold the game and has got me personally excited to get my hands on it in November. They also gave every attendee a cool complimentary AC:U map of Paris!


Aside from the second game of Halo 2: Anniversary that I had before I left for the day (where I did significantly better!), that’s mostly all of today’s events. There is so much more to talk about, but I’ve got 3 more days for that. I’m shattered and my feet ache, but it’s absolutely worth it. If you couldn’t go this year, make sure you go next year if you can, if you’re here this year, make sure to come and find me! All the EGX staff are really friendly and enthusiastic, it’s a great atmosphere, there’s so much to do, and plenty to buy – to my bank account’s dismay!

If you have anything you want to see, or for me to ask/write about, you can either reply to this post or Tweet me (@TyzerGsy) and I’ll do my best to fulfill it for you.

Until tomorrow!