EGX London 2014 Diary – Day 2

Day 2. What a day it was…

The morning started with a 15 minute queue outside Earl’s Court, after which I headed straight to the Halo area for my third match of Halo 2: Anniversary. Friday is apparently the busiest day according to overheard conversations and this proved it with a solid 2hr15mins queue before I got my match. The wait paid off, however, as not only did I get invited to be interviewed in the #HaloNation booth for an upcoming Xbox/Halo promo, but I was given an epic t-shirt for participating! The interview involved recounting my early Halo experiences, my best (terrible) Jeff Steitzer impression, and speculating as to where I think Halo 5 is going. No, I did not go into my huge theory about the Ark and whatnot…

There are far easier ways to win a shirt and get into the interview booth, like bringing along an epic cosplay helmet!
There are far easier ways to win a shirt and get into the interview booth, like bringing along an epic cosplay helmet!

After lunch, I had a 90 minute free period, so I decided to work on my Xbox card collection and try out Fable Legends. It’s a fun game, not something I would buy, but fun nonetheless. The four hero classes give you a different experience with each one having special abilities and different weapons, whilst the villain has a top-down perspective which gives yet another variation.

Next was my interview with OnLive, a company at the forefront of Cloud gaming tech. I’m super-excited to share what I learned with you, but I was blindsided by exactly how much info I was going to get, so keep an eye out for a full write-up soon!


Following the interview, after overhearing conversations about neat Destiny loot I headed over to the PS4 Destiny section, where I had a photo taken on a beautiful replica of the Sparrow, and had a go at the Moon Summoning Pits strike with two other players, which we barely just made it through.

This Sparrow replica is simply gorgeous.
This Sparrow replica is simply gorgeous, comfortable too.

I then made visits to FIFA 15 for another Xbox card (where I was brutally destroyed 2-0), Ubisoft’s The Crew, a Midnight Club/Need For Speed-esque open world driving game filled with challenges and high-speed police chases, and Ori, for my fourth Xbox card. Ori is a side-scrolling game exploring beautiful environments and progressing through the use of abilities and fighting off monsters – definitely worth checking out!

Before I headed off for the day, I gave into temptation and picked up an Aiden Pearce scarf, an Abstergo wristband, a mini Portal sentry turret for my desk and a bunch of EGX branded merch. See below for the day’s full haul!


I’ve got all day tomorrow and several hours on Sunday to fill, and besides getting my last 4 Xbox collectors cards, spending as much time with Halo as possible, and scaring myself silly with The Evil WIthin, I have no main plans for the rest of the expo. Send me any requests, anything you’d like to see or a game you’d like to hear my thoughts on after playing and I’ll do my best to get round to them! (@TyzerGsy)

Looking forward to day 3, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s write-up!