EGX London 2014 Diary – Day 3

Meetups, prizes, big names and more for Day 3 at EGX!

The morning started with a 30 minute queue to get in, followed by a direct trip to the Call of Duty area. There was an enormous block set up entirely for CoD’s new title “Advanced Warfare”, and it was easily one of the most popular games at EGX, with a 2 hour queue to get in for two matches.


The game itself was well worth the wait, though, easily one of my favourite Call of Duty games so far. It has a really fresh feel to it, much faster-paced yet maintains good flow throughout the match. My first match was a Team Deathmatch which went exceedingly well for me, the new double-jump feature really speeds up navigation and the maps have been optimised to make good use of the new higher-reach your soldier has with this ability. The map design, at least for the two maps I played, was really great both functionally and graphically – it’s clear that AW has been built with next-gen in mind. The second match was a new gametype caled Uplink, which reminds me of Halo 4’s Ricochet. It involved taking possession of a device which you have to basically slamdunk into an airborne zone to take possession of that zone. The device can be taken off of dead enemies and respawns once it has been placed in a zone. It’s a very new experience to have in CoD, but it’s a welcome one. My two matches have fully sold the game to me, despite me having little playtime on Call of Duty games, so that should say a lot for it’s quality!


I then spent a little time hunting down Nightrise, only to join up with MightyMidgit11 and find our own Jerseyman VIP up on the Nintendo stage competing in the Super Smash Bros. tournament, which I guess you could say he well and truly “smashed”… After destroying in the semifinals, he faced off against the winner of the second heat and shut him down with extreme prejudice. Following his success, we were completely blindsided when he was presented with his prize – a certificate and a limited edition Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL!

After grabbing lunch and trying to come to terms with the fact that both Midgit and myself should have spent more time playing Smash through our lives, Nightrise got separated from us two by sheer accident on both our parts, so we headed over to Forza Horizon 2 whilst we waited to get in contact. Little did we realise until we were approximately 50 mins into the queue, that we were actually queuing for the single player race experience with racing chair, pedals and a super-cool steering wheel, rather than the virtually no-queue multiplayer races nearby. Despite the wait, it was an experience well worth having a go at, the steering wheel really enhances the experience by reacting exactly as a real one would. You feel every single nudge the the car would feel, like when mounting a road edge, going over lumps in the road and when turning sharply. You really feel the resistance in the wheel and whilst increasing the challenge of it, the wheel provides a really solid experience. Didn’t stop both of us coming 12th out of 12, mind!


We met back up with Nightrise, did a spot of shopping, then took our group photo before saying goodbye to him for the day. Midgit and I both headed towards the Twitch area, where we met people from the Yogscast and I headed off to queue for Quantum Break. After an hour’s wait, I entered the booth with 13 other people, where we were treated to an EGX-exclusive live demo of a gameplay section in the middle period of the game, with commentary from two of the developers. I knew and understood very little about the game before this, but after this demo I can safely say I’m very excited to get my hands on this game.


The entire game is centered around a failed time-travel experiment, where your character is caught in a blast and gains time manipulation abilities which he can bring into combat scenarios to get the jump on his enemies, and can use on the environment to overcome obstacles. Time is in an unstable state of decomposition and provides some unexpected scenarios due to the instability. There are segments where time completely stops, usually during a large event – such as a ship crashing into a bridge – where the damage caused (in the example just given) is frozen mid-destruction and you must use your abilities to navigate your way through. There’s so much to this game, and really difficult to explain it all coherently in the short time I have in the tired state I am in, but take my word for it when I say it’s better than the vague mentions you have likely heard about it. Looking forward to seeing more on it closer to launch in 2015.


I then had to say goodbye to my fellow RULer before heading off to the Sunset Overdrive area to complete my Xbox card collection. After passing notable CoD YouTuber Ali-A, I joined the relatively short queue and finally got a go at Insomniac’s upcoming game. It’s not one I’ve had much interest in, and to be quite honest, I still don’t. It’s not a bad game by any means, but it’s too “outrageous” and “silly” for my tastes. It’s vibrant, fast paced and allows players to play the game their way; I think of it as Dead Rising gameplay meeting Borderlands’ style. I don’t much enjoy Sunset Overdrive in the same way that I don’t like Borderlands as much as Destiny because of the setting and overall atmosphere of the game not being serious enough. Practically bleed positivity and enthusiasm, I do, right?


At the end of Day 3, I can happily say that events like these are not just about the games you play, but the people you meet. Being able to meet two awesome members of ReadyUpLive IRL has been a fantastic experience and I personally thank them for making it so enjoyable, I cannot wait to meet more of our amazing community, and meeting back up with Nightrise and Midgit in the future!

Tomorrow will be a shorter day for me, having to leave earlier to catch my plane, so the plan is to have another go at Halo, then check out Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, The Evil Within, try and get some more Destiny loot and then more Halo. If you have any requests, do let me know and I’ll divert to their locations if I can.

Keep an eye out tomorrow for my write up of Day 4!