Ready to be Scared? No? Resident Evil HD Remaster Doesn’t Care.

The original Resident Evil has been remastered for the Xbox One (and 360), with a release date in spring of 2015. Just to note, this is a remaster of the 2002 Gamecube, uh, remaster. Which was a remaster of the original 1996 title. If you want to get technical, that makes this the Resident Evil HD Re-Remaster for Xbox One (and 360).

I’m not sure which is scarier: that title, or the game itself.

Definitely the title

Regardless, this title brings the game into the realm of 1080p, with a 16:9 widescreen ratio and updated controls, which makes your character go where you actually point your joystick! Or, if you’re really nostalgic (or you just hate your eyes, your thumbs and living in the future) you can play in the original 4:3 ratio with the untainted control scheme.

REHDR will precede Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which will also hit the Xbox One. Hopefully, this release is a sign that Capcom intends to reinvigorate the series on current gen systems, with a shiny, slimy new Resident Evil 7 on the horizon. Either way, players new to the franchise can get acquainted with the beginnings, without having to emulate or dust off a retro system.

Just for kicks, check out the original game’s intro in all it’s live action glory.

No solid release date just yet, nor a price. Anyone interested? Groan, moan, and bite faces off in the comments!