RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #4

Without giving anything away, there’s been some serious talks surrounding the details of the winner’s Aftermath production, and I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Make sure to get involved and get your friends involved in these, there’s all to play for! Also, not all the prizes may necessarily be at the end of the challenges, so bear that in mind!

Last Time’s Challenges – Round 3

Test Yourself!

Throughout this next challenge period, I will ask 5 gaming trivia questions via my Twitter account (@TyzerGsy), with each question being worth 1 point unless stated otherwise. Keep an eye out, as there will be no warning as to when they will be posted!

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 6

Complete mission 6 of Halo: Reach’s campaign (Exodus) however you like.

All completions will receive 1 point, the person who gets the most points in a playthrough of the mission will get 3 points, the person who does it the fastest will get 2 points.

If you happen to be the fastest and get the most points, you will get 5 points.

Achievement Rounder

Bring your Gamerscore over the nearest multiple of 2500, for a lucky few, this may be dead easy, for others, you have some work to do!


Some movement, but it would be great to see more names added!

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 18
#2 Liz_Fenix 17
#3 Splice 12
#4 Ye Olde Apple 10
#5 Guitarguy47 6

Season 3 – Round 4

Game Based

To Achieve is Your Destiny…

For every two achievements you have in Destiny by the end of the challenge period, you will receive a challenge point. (Maximum of 10 points available per person)

[Submit a screencap of your achievements in Destiny]

Campaigner: Part 7

Complete Mission 7 of Halo: Reach’s campaign (New Alexandria) on Legendary, solo or co-op.

3 points if you do it with the Iron skull enabled. You will get double the number of points if your completion time has an odd number of seconds. (i.e. 16:27)

[Submit a screencap of link to Halo: Reach stats record for the playthrough]

2 points will go to anyone who completes their first challenge of the season this round!


Only two challenges this week due to the high point content!

Head over to Round 1’s post for the rules.

Good luck, everyone!