Top 5 @ReadyUpLive – Top 5 Destiny Bosses

Boss battles, you can’t live with ’em, you can’t loot without ’em. If you’re reading this you’ve probably played a bit of Destiny. If you’re not reading this then you’re probably STILL playing Destiny as we speak. Either way, you’ve probably run into some of the baddies on our list. Join me as I countdown the Top 5 biggest, baddest and time-consumingest bosses in Destiny!


5. Goliath Tank

A “mini-boss” from the Cerberus Vae III Strike on Mars, the Goliath Tank is the most ridiculous vehicle-based boss in the game. Armed with rockets, arc machine guns and some sort of solar nuke that will KO anything within approximately 90,000 feet, the Goliath Tank is a boss that will have you tearing your hair out the first time you face it in battle. Keep your distance and use the tiny bits of cover in the area to your advantage to take down this boss.

4. Phogoth

The chained beast waiting for anyone brave and cunning enough to make it to the bottom of The Summoning Pits, Phogoth is the giant Ogre who likes spending time murdering you mercilessly with his face laser. Phogoth isn’t the only one who enjoys murdering you though –he’ll gladly share the kill with his extended family of Wizards and Knights. Hold off the space zombies for long enough to score hits on Phogoth’s chest to take him down for good!

3. The Loot Cave

Everyone’s favorite boss in Destiny, The Loot Cave can be the most brutal and yet the most rewarding boss if you’re willing to put in the time to conquer it. Spending 2-5 hours attempting to defeat this boss is the norm and even then success isn’t guaranteed. This gaping maw of constantly spawning Acolytes and Thrall will push you to the limit of desperation in your search for Legendary gear. All of which may have been for naught…

Chewy’s Note: Someone has finally defeated The Loot Cave. Bungie has unfortunately taken this beast down forever. RIP Loot Cave, you will be missed. :'(


2. Atheon, Time’s Conflux

The final boss of the Vault of Glass, Atheon, and his Supplicants, are the bane of any party’s existence. His ability to summon the exploding Harpy group known as “Supplicants” as well as the ability to warp three members of your fireteam into either the future or the past will force your group to cooperate like they never have before (mainly because this is the only 6-man PvE content), but there is no better feeling in the world than bringing him down as a group!

1. Master Rahool

Deep in the Tower, the Awoken Crypto-archaeologist Master Rahool lays in wait as you seek his knowledge and expertise in engram decryption. Presenting him with the likes of legendary engrams, he will take your exotic finds and devalue them to the point where you can’t get anything for them other than a couple of weapon parts and 12 Glimmer. Some say Master Rahool is an emissary of The Darkness “tasked with obstructing the Guardians in their attempt to push The Darkness back.” At this time, I would say they’re right…


Thanks for checking out another installment of Top 5 @ReadyUpLive! How do you guys feel about the selection of bosses? Would your list contain anybody else? Let us know in the comments!