Top 5 @ReadyUpLive – Top 5 Destiny Weapon Names

The eve of Destiny is upon us, some upside down members of the site already have the game in hand. To celebrate this momentous occasion in gaming we’re going to take a look at the top 5 Destiny weapon names. From the funny to the serious, no name shall be left behind!

5. Fatebringer

“Delivering the inevitable, one pull at a time”

This legendary Hand Cannon’s name speaks for itself, bringing any foe unlucky enough to find itself caught in it’s sights to an abrupt death. As with all Hand Cannons, the Fatebringer brings super-high impact rating coupled with a decent range for vanquishing foes with ease. Combine that with its ability to deal increased damage to Vex Oracles while within the Vault of Glass and you have one badass, robot-killing weapon!

4. Patience and Time

“If you’ve got it, they’ll never see it coming”

The first of the many Exotic weapons in our countdown, “Patience and Time” is a Sniper Rifle of the highest caliber (no pun intended). With the ability to use your radar AND active camouflage while scoped in, there’s no reason to rush things in the slightest. When they say Patience and Time… they mean it.

3. Super Good Advice

“This weapon is full of it”

Good advice should never go ignored. “Super Good Advice” CAN’T be ignored –a lesson your enemies will learn as they get mowed down by this Heavy Machine Gun. As your enemies learn from your teachings, the guns damage will grow with each kill and any missed shots are almost ALWAYS guaranteed to return to the magazine, so don’t be afraid to teach all of your adversaries some valuable life or death lessons!

2. Fate of All Fools

“The wise man knows his fate. The fool merely finds it”

This Exotic Scout Rifle knows only one thing… damage; sporting three damage upgrades, in addition to its “The Fate of All Fools” special ability, which grants bonus damage to precision shots after chaining together body shots. This gun is a must have for any Halo player who’s used to the BR/DMRs hit-the-body-then-the-face strategy of bringing down foes.

1. The Last Word

“Yours… not mine”

Meant to be wielded by the futuristic Space Dirty Harry, “The Last Word” is an Exotic Hand Cannon that will make your opponents choose their next words carefully. This weapon excels in accuracy when fired from the hip and grants bonus damage when precision, hip-fired shots are landed. The single-point sling upgrade makes it so it can go from a close combat juggernaut to a mid-ranged threat in the blink of an eye. While other weapons try to focus on fancy tricks to best their enemies, “The Last Word” puts ’em down while they’re all busy showboating.


So, which of these lovely ladies suits you best? Remember, you can only hold ONE exotic weapon at a time in Destiny… choose wisely, and let us know that choice in the comments!