Halo 2 Anniversary Bloodline and Hornet Gameplay

IGN released a preview video of Halo: The Master Chief Collection today and in the video we witnessed the gameplay reveal of the remastered Coagulation for Halo 2 Anniversary, now called “Bloodline”.

Halo 2 Anniversary Coagulation Hornet 1And as you can see… There’s a Hornet on screen. No this is not Halo 3, this is Halo 2 Anniversary gameplay. The Hornet will be a usable vehicle in Halo 2 Anniversary’s Multiplayer.

Halo 2 Anniversary is being treated like a “directors cut” and many additional sandbox items have been added. Items like the assault rifle, silenced SMG, mongoose, and more have made it into Halo 2 Anniversary – as well as the Gungoose, a brand new vehicle! Now you can add the Hornet to the list!

Halo 2 Anniversary Coagulation Hornet 2

Who is ready to slay from the skies once again?