Halo: MCC Achievements Unlock Halo 5 Content!

As one of the final treats we have received as part of IGN First, 343i has announced 4 exclusive armour sets for both the Halo 5: Guardians MP beta and full game, that players can unlock through completing specific Achievements in Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

Mark VI [GEN1]

“Technically obsolete, the Mark VI [GEN1] Mjolnir armor maintains a legendary luster among Spartans and the general public.”

Full armour unlocked by earning the “Your Journey Begins” achievement in Halo: MCC.

Mark VI [GEN1] – Scarred

“The Mark VI was able to remain functional until all of its triply-redundant auto-repair and bypass nodes failed.”

Full armour unlocked by earning the “Cairo Stations” achievement in Halo: MCC.


“The HELIOSKRILL is a work of art crafted by a Sangheili prodigy inspired to test her skill against the best that humanity could muster.”

Full armour unlocked by earning the “Legend” achievement in Halo: MCC.


“Spartans with Marine experience prefer NIGHTFALL armor when stationed on inhospitable worlds, due to its best-of-class life support.”

Helmet unlocks by watching the Halo Nightfall Episode 1 Second Story, armour unlocks by watching all 5 Halo: Nightfall episodes.


343 Industries advises that the images shown here are early hi-res armour images and are not fully representative of their in-game versions. They’ll be less shiny and more “worn” and “weathered” in-game, making things more realistic.

What do you think of these armour sets? Excited to see more?

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