RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #5

Apologies for the delay in getting these out, EGX was mad and I needed to recover.

Let’s take a look back at round 4, shall we?

Last Time’s Challenges – Round 4

Game Based

To Achieve is Your Destiny…

For every two achievements you have in Destiny by the end of the challenge period, you will receive a challenge point. (Maximum of 10 points available per person)

Campaigner: Part 7

Complete Mission 7 of Halo: Reach’s campaign (New Alexandria) on Legendary, solo or co-op.

3 points if you do it with the Iron skull enabled. You will get double the number of points if your completion time has an odd number of seconds. (i.e. 16:27)


Here’s the leaderboard as it now stands:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 34
#2 Liz_Fenix 33
#3 Splice 22
#4 Ye Olde Apple 12
#5 Guitarguy47 6

Without further ado, let’s get going with Round 5!

Season 3 – Round 5

Game Based


Recreate any brand of candy/sweet packet in Minecraft and screenshot it. The most convincing creation will receive 3 bonus points!

Campaigner – Part 8

Complete mission 8 (The Package) of Halo: Reach’s campaign on Legendary.

1 point for completion of the above.

Fastest completion will receive an extra 3 points.

For every 3 skulls you enable, you will gain an extra 2 points. If you enable every skull, you will receive 12 points. (Total from skulls – does not include completion point or fastest completion reward)

[Submit a screencap of/link to Halo: Reach Stats page]

2 bonus points will go to anyone who completes their first challenge(s) of the season this round!


Once again, only 2 challenges due to the high point content!

Head to round 1’s post for the rules!

Hope you enjoy these – until next time, folks….