RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #6

It’s been a mad two weeks since the start of Round 5, with The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation and the new Borderlands all coming out… more game time!

The time is drawing VERY close to Halo: TMCC, and with it will come a whole host of challenges, do not doubt it…

Not much change to the leaderboard, so let’s go straight onto the new challenges!

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 44
#2 Liz_Fenix 43
#3 Splice 22
#4 Ye Olde Apple 12
#5 Guitarguy47 6

Season 3 – Round 6

RUL Based

Ask 3 genuine questions on staff AMAA’s over the course of this Round. (3 points for completion)

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Game/App Based

#1 Josh

For every Xbox Achievement you have on Netflix, you will receive 1 challenge point.

3 bonus points to any wannabe Josh’s! (All Netflix Achievements)

[Submit screenshots of/links to achievement list]

Campaigner – Part 9

Complete mission 9 (The Pillar of Autumn) of Halo: Reach’s campaign on Legendary, without dying, solo.

For every 3 skulls you use and complete the above you will receive an extra point. Complete the above with all skulls on and you will receive 10 points!

[Submit a screencap of/link to Halo: Reach Stats page]

2 bonus points will go to anyone who completes their first challenge(s) of the season this round!


Head to round 1’s post for the rules!

Until next time!