Standby for Updatefall – Titanfall’s Game Update Eight coming soon

Coming tomorrow (10/23) to both Xbox One and PC, Titanfall’s Game Update Eight brings a bevy of new features. Chief among them are these, but you can find a full, detailed list at the official website:

  • New game modes:
    • Frontier Defense – in which you and a team will go up against the IMC’s fiercest enemies. The mode features Loadout Crates on-map that allow you to switch your loadout on the fly, deployable turrets and a new feature that allows pilots who have died to respawn above the battlefield in a dropship so they might rain down fire from the side windows while the other combatants move around the map.
    • Deadly Ground – ever pretend the floor was lava? Imagine that, but with electrified fog! Play a variety of gametypes while trying not to touch the ground. Set to arrive November 5th.
    • Marked for Death Pro – Marked for Death, now split into rounds. Set to arrive November 26th.
  • Full Screen Mini-Map: pressing right on the D-Pad or M on PC will bring your Mini-Map into fullscreen mode, giving you a better idea of your current tactical situation.
  • Private Burn Cards: a seperate set of Burn Cards to be used only in private matches, so you don’t use up your good ones outside of competitive pplay
  • Map stars: Getting a high score on a particular map can now net you stars, between one and three, that will stand on your record forever, or at least until you’ve earned more stars.
  • Achievables: 17 new achievements added to Xbox One for you to bleep-bloop to your heart’s content. Assuming your heart is content with 17.
  • A ranked playlist beta, open to all players Gen 10 and up through October and possibly beyond. After the beta, open to players level 32 and up.

There’s plenty more to come with the new update. Check out the full list above to make sure you’re ready to get back into the fray.

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