Halo 2 Anniversary TOYBOX ACHIEVEMENT Guide – All 8 Toys

In Halo 2 Anniversary you can find hidden toys. There are a total of 8 toys with achievements. The final achievement is called Toybox. Halo 2 Anniversary is part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One.


Toy Achievements:

“And So It Begins…” Master Chief Toy in Delta Halo
“Regrettable Turn of Events” Prophet of Regret toy in Regret
“The Will of the Prophets” Arbiter toy in Sacred Icon
“Chieftain of the Brutes” Tartarus toy in Quarantine Zone
“Don’t Make a Girl a Promise” Cortana toy in Gravemind
“My Work is Done” Librarian toy in Uprising
“I Like Crazy” Rampant Cortana toy in High Charity
“Pyrrhic Solution” Didact toy in The Great Journey