RUL Challenges Season 3 – Round #7

One week extension due to launch issues – see below additional challenge!


Round #7 sees the end of Halo: Reach and the dawn of a more varied set of challenges with the launch of The Master Chief Collection! The design of the MCC provides a more convenient, trackable and varied selection of challenge opportunities, so look forward to that!

After last week’s challenges, the leaderboard now looks as follows:

Rank Name Point Total
#1 Velociraptor 49
#1 Liz_Fenix 49
#2 Splice 22
#3 Ye Olde Apple 12
#4 Guitarguy47 6

Onward to Round 7’s challenges!

Season 3 – Round 7

Game Based


Earn over 1000 Gamerscore across any of these main blockbuster games coming out in the first two weeks of November (apologies for the dreadful pun) – CoD: Advanced Warfare, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue & Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

10 points for completion

[Submit screencaps/links to Xbox profile showing Gamerscores in each game]


Complete every mission in Halo 2: Anniversary on Heroic difficulty or higher.

5 points for completion.

[Submit screenshot from Waypoint service record]

Skull Taken!

Find all the Skulls in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

7 points for completion.

[Submit link to Xbox profile, Achievements earned for finding each one will indicate completion]

RUL Based


Make 5 posts in the SHFT forum, one of which must be a new thread.

5 points for completion.

[Submit screencaps of/links to posts]

2 bonus points will go to anyone who completes their first challenge(s) of the season this round!


This’ll be a tough one for you, guys, given MCC & AC don’t come out until next week, but the amount of points up for grabs give those who have fallen behind a chance to catch up and overtake those who may not compete this week! All to play for as even if you don’t win there may well be a prize for you too – if you make the right place in the leaderboard…

As always, PM me or post in the thread if you have any questions.

Head to round 1’s post for the rules!

Hope to see you on MCC!