GTA V Heists Trailer

FINALLY! After over a year of waiting, it’s finally happening — heists are coming to GTA Online!

Heists will see four players cover the planning, set up and execution of five heists totaling around twenty hours of gameplay! Heists take place in an almost similar fashion to the story mode except for the fact that all four players will have a role to play at all times instead of the action surrounding one player; nobody has to just sit in the getaway car.

Heists will require one player being the organizer and heist leader. He will be the person who is in contact with Lester, invites players to the group, chooses outfits, and most importantly decides player’s cuts. Being heist leader has its disadvantages too, as the leader must front all the cash for the job up front and won’t collect anything until the big score, where the other members of the heist will get money from the set up leading up to the finale.

There are a total of 5 “unique strands” that make up over twenty missions and are equal to about twenty hours of gameplay!

Are you excited for heists or is it too little, too late? Let us know in the comments!