[UPDATE] Hatred’s Removal from Steam Greenlight Pisses Me Off

[UPDATE] Hatred has returned to Steam Greenlight following an apology from Gabe Newell himself:

“Hi, Jaroslaw.

Yesterday I heard that we were taking Hatred down from Greenlight. Since I wasn’t up to speed, I asked around internally to find out why we had done that. It turns out that it wasn’t a good decision, and we’ll be putting Hatred back up. My apologies to you and your team. Steam is about creating tools for content creators and customers.

Good luck with your game.”

Since returning to Steam, Hatred is now the number one game on Steam Greenlight with over 27,000 upvotes and is on board to being published!


Sorry for all the negativity recently, but it seems like all the gaming industry is giving me lately are reasons to be upset, and someone needs to be the bad guy. First I had to talk about how the current state of games makes me 🙁, and now I have to lay the smackdown on Valve and Steam for pretty much spitting in the face of the entire gaming culture.

For those who don’t know, the game Hatred was announced surrounded by much criticism surrounding the launch of its extremely NSFW trailer, which can be found below:


Basically, the trailer depicts a nameless character loading up on various weapons and ammunition while reciting his final manifesto before leaving his house and going on a murder spree that would put that five-star wanted level in GTA to shame.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself “Chewy, how can you be defending a game like this?!” and the answer is simple, because it’s a video game. I don’t follow the game, nor do I have any interest in playing it, but I’ll be damned if I’ll stand by while Valve or anyone tries to censor a piece of this creative medium. Video games are the art medium that we all love, and it shouldn’t be condemned for expressing itself in such an over-the-top fashion. Films such as Hostel and Saw aren’t shunned for depicting graphic violence and gore, but rather they’re praised for being what they are, thrilling movies.

People rising up to complain about violent video games is nothing new to the games industry. Back in the early 90s we had Mortal Kombat coming under fire, thus leading to the creation of the ESRB, then GTA came under scrutiny, followed by Postal and Postal 2, now it’s Hatred’s turn on the chopping block, the difference being is that this is the first time a game is being shunned by its own kind.

Yesterday, Hatred developer Destructive Creations submitted the game to Steam Greenlight where in a couple of hours the game achieved a 93% approval rating, received over 13,000 upvotes and reached NUMBER SEVEN in most wanted games in Greenlight. Regardless of this, Valve contacted Destructive Creations with the the following message:

“We wanted you guys to know that based on what we see on Greenlight we would not publish Hatred on Steam. As such we’ll be taking it down.”

This leads us to believe that either Valve has a strict policy about not publishing games that gain popularity too quickly, or they’ve listened to the critical masses who have condemned this game for being too violent and have betrayed their own art form.

This is the worst possible outcome because it justifies what the outsiders say about gaming, it gives hope to those that want a ban on violent video games, you know, those people who think all the violence in the world stems from video games despite every shred of data that proves them wrong.

Hatred is a violent game in a world FILLED with violent games, the only difference is it’s today’s popular thing to hate. I’m really upset with Valve’s decision to alienate a game simply because of extremist outcry, and hope they reverse their decision in the days to come. I started out mad when I was writing this article, now I’m just sad that the gaming industry no longer stands by its own kind.