Riptor returns in Killer Instinct Season 2

Riptor the cybernetic raptor will be joining the Killer Instinct roster in Season 2. Teased in the season trailer, fans were ecstatic to see Riptor return – her last appearance being in the original Killer Instinct 20 years ago.


“From the moment we wrapped our season one characters, we knew that Riptor was going to be in season 2. We’ve been talking about putting her in for quite a while. We always planned for KI to be seasonal, to approach it that way, as opposed to the way most fighting games approach their releases, so rather that just put every awesome character in season one, thinking long term, we want to save some of the more popular characters for season two, season three, and onward, and Riptor fell into that category. We wanted her to be one of the anchors for season 2.”

Iron Galaxy went all out in making her actually look like an UltraTech super weapon, equipping her with plasma talons, a mechanical tail and a built-in flamethrower. Her moves are retained from the original game, from her charges, headbutts and tail flips – with her fighting archetype being a rushdown.

Riptor’s reveal trailer is much different than past KI trailers, acting more like an advertisement by UltraTech – which was pretty neat. The next character was teased at the end of the video, referring to himself as the “Herald of Gargos” People we’re speculating it would be Shadow Jago, or Gargos himself, but this new character looks to be something completely different.


Also coming with Riptor is the 2.2 patch which includes:

  • Riptor and her stage “Hatchery 09”
  • Revamped story mode
  • Dossiers for all S1 characters (on character select screen)
  • Balance changes and fixes (2.2 changelist found here!)
  • Increased character & stage loading speed
  • New character select screen icons & silhouettes
  • TJ Combo’s Retro Costume


For those who own any/both Ultra editions, and have applied the 2.2 patch, will be getting FREE holiday accessories for Orchid, Sabrewulf and TJ Combo. Note: you must load the game before 06:00:00 UTC on 01/01/2015

Riptor will be available to Ultra Edition owners TODAY! (along with the 2.2 patch), and will be available to Combo Breaker edition owners just a few days after on the 23rd. To see Riptor in action, you can check out Iron Galaxy’s Killer Instinct livestream from yesterday