Halo tl;dr #2 – Serin Osman

Halo has such a huge story universe, spanning across books, video productions, games and more, that it can sometimes become too much for some people to take it all in. Back from the dead, our Halo tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) series aims to summarise interesting characters, events, locations and other elements of the Halo fiction in a bitesize, easy-read articles.

Today, we’re looking at SPARTAN-turned ONI bigwig Serin Osman, the star of Karen Traviss’ recently concluded Kilo-Five book trilogy, and who made a brief appearance in Spartan Ops Episode 8.

The below will contain spoilers, so read on at your own risk…

Serin Osman, born Serin Çelik in 2511 to a drug-addict & prostitute mother, was left at a young age by her parents rendered homeless and forced to fend for herself. She was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II Program, but was not replaced by a flash clone like many of the other children, deemed an “easy snatch” as she would not be missed.

Having gone through the early training, Serin-019 failed the augmentation process and was recruited into ONI admin under the name of Serin Osman. Osman was “groomed” throughout her career by Admiral Margaret Parangosky, CINCONI (Commander-In-Chief of ONI), as her protégé, with a view for Osman to potentially take over from Parangosky as CINCONI upon her retirement.


Osman was put in charge of the ONI “Kilo-Five” team, comprising of three ODSTs, Spartan Naomi-010, Dr. Evan Phillips and Parangosky’s personal AI, “Black Box”. Their mission was to disrupt remnants of the Covenant through operations such as supplying weapons to religious extremist group “Servants of the Abiding Truth”. Having overseen the balancing of the Sangheili Civil War by assisting the Arbiter’s opposition, thus keeping them busy fighting themselves rather than attacking humanity, and dismantling a large-scale insurrectionist operation, Osman then took some time out to go over her file and come to terms with the childhood she had lost.

In 2558, Osman was promoted to CINCONI and Admiral, following Parangosky’s retirement. Having been contacted by Captain Lasky after Dr Halsey was kidnapped during the Second Battle of Requiem, Osman gave the order for Dr. Halsey to be eliminated. Commander Sarah Palmer took on the task but was unsuccessful, only able to wound Halsey before Jul ‘Mdama escaped with her. Lasky was uncomfortable with the assassination order, and sent Fireteam Majestic to rescue Halsey, despite the senior order. Osman questioned Palmer on Lasky’s actions during a debrief, Palmer defended his actions, claiming they were merely a contingency, and not interference with the mission.

Still tl;dr…

Serin Osman is a SPARTAN-II washout who was guided right to the top of ONI command, and harbors a personal vendetta against Dr Halsey for her involvement in the SPARTAN Program.

Chewy tl;dr…

Osman’s mom had meth face, she couldn’t hang with the MC, she did some sneaky space stuff and now she runs ONI.


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