RUL Awards 2014

2014’s rather bumpy year in video game history is over, it’s now time to reflect on the year’s events and decide on the highlights!

How the RUL Awards work:

1. Have a read through the categories.

2. Use the submission form below to enter your choices.

3. Get your friends involved!

  • Make sure to share this post around on social media – the more entrants, the more representative it is!
  • Honourable mentions are welcomed, popular runners-up will be mentioned in the results post.
  • Please give reasons for your choices! Again, common reasons may get a mention in the results.

Final date for entries is January 31st, once all entries have been counted, a post will be made with the results – keep an eye out for it!


  1. Game of the Year
  2. Smoothest Game Launch.
  3. Best DLC
  4. Best Trailer
  5. Best Graphics
  6. Best Character
  7. Best Games With Gold Release
  8. Best Story
  9. Best Multiplayer
  10. Best Developer Activity (Community interaction & support, fault responses etc.)
  11. Best Soundtrack