RUL Community Update – Tuesday January 27th

Hello RUL! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these right? Well I’m here today with some cool RUL news and an explanation for why the forum was closed yesterday evening.

We went on an adventure last night to fine tune the RUL experience.We made a few under the hood improvements, but what you’ve probably noticed is that the forums are a bit different! We’ve spent the last day reducing the number of forums to make your lives easier. For instance this change means that posts from artwork now go into the general chat, or posts from Halo now go into general gaming. It’s a change that¬†probably has caught you off guard, but never fear, content itself won’t change. The only thing that is changing is where we’re putting it.

In addition to this I’m happy to announce that moving forward we will be allowing all members of the site to use a custom 200×200 avatar. This change is of course retroactive. I look forward to seeing a more personalized version of RUL.

Oh and here’s a bonus for you guys. We will be having an RUL Night on February 7th. Come join us in some fun on Titanfall! Stay tuned for a post from Riot in the near future with the details.

So there you are guys! I hope you enjoy these changes to RUL!

p.s.¬†Here’s a video of a crazy cat.