Say goodbye to Club Nintendo, hello to something new

This morning, Nintendo of America announced the upcoming closure of Club Nintendo, their rewards program for customers who register products they’ve bought and surveys they’ve completed. The program has, since its inception, offered various digital and physical rewards, but it’ll be coming to a close at the end of June.

“We thank all Club Nintendo members for their dedication to Nintendo games and their ongoing love for our systems and characters..” – Scott Moffit, Executive VP of NoA.

Members have until that time to redeem as many “coins” as they’ve got, but only until March 31st to earn new coins. The date varies for other regions, like Europe, in which members have until the end of September. There is no official announcement yet as to when the new loyalty program launches, or what it’s called; just that it will be announced “at a later date.”

At the time of writing, the American version of the Club is offering three games until 6/30/15 including Super Mario Bros. 2  (Wii U 200 coins), Super Metroid (Wii U 250 coins), and The Legend of Zelda  (3DS 200 coins), as well as a nifty game cartridge case for 3DS owners (400 coins). More rewards will be added in February.